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[Request] WaveForm.js Plugin

  • hi well, ive been playing around with the audio plugin that C2 comes with its usefull for most parts... if you dont want to extend your project further then a 2d game... but in my case... i have encountered 1 or 2 issues that the default plugin of C2 cant do...

    and those issues are:

    1) when u preload a song, sound etc... you cant draw the waveform of it without playing it. one example to understand easier is SoundCloud... or any other website that uses WaveForm.js or similar javascript libraries that reads the bits of the song before you play it.. and then the canvas can draw a Waveform of that particular sound or music file. But for C2 the canvas it doesnt have to be supporting it.. it just have to have the ability to load the song and read the peaks.

    2) If you add the analyzer effect so you can "draw" based on the peak and RMS values... and make sprites or objects change size and position as the song progresses... the problem is that having 1 tag playing on on -100db the analyzer works good... the audio plugin still reads the Peaks and RMS levels.. however if you want to play another song lets say 10 seconds after that so a portion of your level is ahead built and create the illusion the game has loaded the map... the Audio Analyzer effect applies itself to the new tag... even though there is no event or condition that triggers the Analyzer effect on that new Tag

    and here is the example:

    on start of the layout we follow the instruction as with the analyzer effect example that comes with C2... we play the usual "audio" tag then after a countdown ... we play another tag "fakeaudio" ...at that moment ... the audio analyzer doesn't apply anymore to "audio" but to "fakeaudio" without having the audio.analyzer effect added or triggered on the "fakeaudio" tag.

    There for .... i think a plugin based on WaveForm.js wold solve that issue and enable C2 users to develop even more awesome games or implement features that before where limited by the power of the current Audio plugin. One example of the games you can do by having the WaveFormjs will be a

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    game for those who are familiar with it. ... i know i sound a bit like a broken record... since i had raised this problem before to other people... but this example is a good reason to have it... i think there are not enough games like that out there and the doors that this plugin wold open are limitless or atleast more then before.

    The WaveFormjs.org js is not that big.. compared to other audio js libraries

    not sure however how hard wold be this javascript to be adapted to C2

    What do you think? Worth spending time on it? not worth doing it? Can a plugin developer make it ?:D how hard wold be this for happening?





    sorry for summon you but i cant think on someone more apt of making this happening since requires a good knowledge of scripting and C2 SDK

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