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Cranberrygame wil update c2 cordova plugins by paid update.

  • [edit: Updated post title]

    Hi, scirra members.

    I am Sang Ki Kwon known as cranberrygame in the scirra forum.

    I struggled with cordova plugins in last year and till recently.

    I just wanted to support cordova plugins but scirra think it is not necessary for him except admob.

    In the result, made plugins $5 and will service paid update because of insufficient dev support.

    (But will continue to update some special native plugins for my needs.)

    You can download all the c2 cordova plugins here (google drive) : http://cranberrygame.github.io/request_construct2_cordova_plugins

    [edit: I will service paid update for each plugin (also paid create) as @gonzdevour suggested (but ad plugins will be updated free). First person pays for update and others will be able to use updated plugin freely.] [edit: C2 cordova plugin paid update or create request:




























    @absolute warrior





















































    @carson leong























    @Darth Crusher

























































    Following is the email I recently sent to Ashley:


    Hi, Ashley

    No sorry for late reply, I understand your team is busy for construct3.

    You are great on the point of making people to make games really easy.

    I was attracted by this at first.

    But felt native related plugins are not enough.

    So I planed to make native related c2 plugins then I will make games.

    This was my thought before and now too.

    But I realized your thought that you do not think about native plugins except admob.

    I just thought we can embrace all the native plugins together.

    But I came to consequence that this was my missed thought and I must focus on game making as I first thought and update special native plugins as my need.

    So I will make all plugins free now.

    Then I will focus on making games then if have no result then I will leave game making field [edited: or will need to do other work.].

    [edit: I will service paid update for each plugin (also paid create) as @gonzdevour suggested]

    In summary, just use new admob plugin github free: https://github.com/cranberrygame/cordov ... n-ad-admob

    I will soon remove license key code then send you email again. [edited: I will send you all scirra users level free license key for admob plugin in the js code]


    Sang Ki Kwon

  • wait wait wait... many c2 native plugins not work with smartphones... your plugins help me a lot .How can I do this without you? please don't giveup.Why Ashley is doing this?

  • Alemar

    I tried to find way Ashley and I collaborate but he seems not to think of cordova plugins except admob.

    I suggested some proposals (scirra store permit plugin selling, pin my cordova plugin post in the forum, admob include 2% ad share code,...).

    But he seems not have interest in cordova plugins except admob.

    Native plugin development requires dev time for me.

    If without dev help, I must look for other income (must focus on game making only).


    Sang Ki Kwon

  • Sorry to hear cranberrygame. I was just finishing up a game and I was using your facebook plugin. Best of luck!

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  • cranberrygame

    Sorry to hear that my friend! You made an awesome job for all of us! We really appriciate your contribution with your plugins!

  • Thank you for the work u did, i love using the plugins.

    Glad u "can/need" to focus on gamebuilding now.

    Its so much fun to do, and i wish u the best of luck at it.

    Hope to see some of your game work in the future.

  • How about sell the plugins for each update? If any user need the latest plugin package he should pay for the update.

    Anyway I will pay for this or some way else, don't just give up please~

  • Oh, thats sad to hear.

    Without your work, i think, there where not many Construct2 Cordova games in the playstore, hope scirra rethinks these decissions. Plugin developers should get more support and at least be able to sell theyre work in the store.

    Thank you for your great plugins and best wishes for the future!

  • Well, now we are on a ship to nowhere, that's so bad...

    I hope Ashley change his mind :/

  • Hi cranberrygame ~ you really helped a lot of people(including me). You've opened another window for this game engine. I sincerely hope everything is good at your end and I'll address your marvelous work to my students.

  • cranberrygame sorry to hear that Ashley should support cranberry as i think C2 is nothing usefull without cranberry's plugins

  • Sorry to hear that cranberrygame, your plugins are really useful.

    Good luck with whatever you do, and thanks for all of your hard work

  • I'm genuinely confused by this. We had a conversation which from my perspective went like this:

    • there was a bug reported in the AdMob plugin; since the plugin depends on one of your Cordova plugins I got in touch to investigate a fix
    • you suggested some kind of deal, this seemed fair since the AdMob plugin we ship with C2 depends on your cordova plugin
    • since the AdMob plugin is the only one that any official C2 features depend on, naturally I focused on that.
    • we considered various arrangements and in the end offered for Scirra to purchase a license for C2 users to use your AdMob Cordova plugin without any revenue share.
    • in response you posted this, appearing to decline our offer.

    Perhaps there was some miscommunication. I was focusing on features that C2 ships with and therefore we are obliged to officially support. Any other third party plugins that no official features depend on we treat the same: they are independent projects of the developer, without any involvement from us. In particular we do not oblige ourselves to support them (such as how we specifically require that bug reports do not make use of third party plugins) because we cannot burden ourselves with supporting other developer's code. It can often be especially difficult to work with given that some developers have a radically different approach to their code, using different paradigms, algorithms or libraries to those we use ourselves, meaning even small changes can be very time consuming.

    We intend to treat all third party developers equally in that regard, so as to not upset any other developers who do not get any favours, except for individual cases where official features depend on third parties. Even in these cases we are very careful, because it's possible we start using their code, the original developer disappears forever, users report a series of difficult bug reports, and then we're obliged to fix someone else's code. So even in these cases we are very careful in our approach. I am sorry if at any point I unintentionally caused offence in any way, that was certainly not the intent, it is a difficult area that we are very cautious about.

  • And like any other area of technology, the most affected are the users :/

  • Anyone that needs support for these plugins, or needs custom plugins designed can send me a private message. I would be happy to discuss it further. cranberrygame you seemed to break some hearts today. If you truly cannot support the plugins, feel free to send them my direction. Although you should consider sticking around, even a small residual income is better than none. Could be your breakfast fund or something.

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