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Lava! (based on blober by Quazi!)

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  • After seeing that awesome shizzle by Quazi, I decided to make a cool lava effect based on his idea. Feel free to add this the demo page if you want Ash, I just made it for something to do.



  • Water

    With bubbles and the mouse can splash around in it.

    http://www.fileshack.us/get_file.php?id ... =water.cap

    Yes, I'm bored.

  • Haha, I edited the effect into a cool blood squirting thing last night! Can't post it yet though, I'm at work, which means I can't see either of those yet unfortunately. I'll have a look later though.

  • yay lol, i knew this would happen, but its ok, cause its called the freaking quaziblob, and thats freaking awesome

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  • Yep, that's what we'll call it officially, the Quaziblob. Here's my Quaziblob blood, hope you don't mind I just edited your example for fun.

  • yay lol, i knew this would happen, but its ok, cause its called the freaking quaziblob, and thats freaking awesome

    I don't mean to kick you off your high horse, but it's hardly an effect you invented You just found the way to do it in Construct first.

    There are many examples of it, but the closest one to yours that's recent would be:

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    Yep, that's what we'll call it officially, the Quaziblob. Here's my Quaziblob blood, hope you don't mind I just edited your example for fun.

    Now THAT was cool. Nice!

  • that blob isnt a blob, its just intermeshing outlined sprites, these blobs stick toghether at range from each other, and they blot up into a bigger blob when very close toghether

  • I don't think you understand ...

    What that example is could easily be converted to what you did by adding collision to them ... that's all that would be needed.

    I'm sorry, but you absolutely 100% did not invent anything here.

    All you did was use the way alphas are handled when attributes are changed. Take a look at Mario Sunshine. Take a look at Locoroco ... regardless of HOW you came to it, it's been done. In fact there's a DS game out right now that globs together at a distance in pretty much the exact same way.

  • i know never said i invented it, ive seen blobmeshes before, i just "invented" it for use in construct

    im totally aware its not the first time something like this has ever been made (i love mario sunshine) but i did come up with it for use in construct, i never meant 2 say i was the first 2 ever do it, but if it wasnt for me, you might of never seen it used in construct at all.

    and btw that blood is awesome, but am i the only one whos getting massive lag and getting 40-30 fps on it

  • That's cool, I totally am behind you doing it first in Construct, you did!

    I don't want you to think I'm on a mission to get you hehe. There are certain things that I get hung up on and exaggerated claims is one of them. But as you just said, you're not claiming you invented it, or at least not meaning to. So I see no issue.

    I'll let it go now.

  • thats it im adding you as a foe!

    joking lol, who even uses that?

    srry if it seems like i though i invented it, i just want to get some credit for it as i wasnt gonna show anyone at all, since it was supposed to be secret, but then i decided 2. its not as if i think im so awesome for making it, its just cmon it is pretty cool and usefull, and its a pretty weird way of making it. so since its so unconventional i want some credit that ill get realised for, i absoluteley hate when something great gets invented (light bulb per say) and no one can easily tell who might of invented it without knowing a thing about it besides its name.

  • Consider yourself foe'd!!!

    Spell check says that's a naughty way to type that but, it stands!

  • Lol Jes... if you foe someone it blocks their posts by default

    I think QuaziBlob is an awesome name! Cheers for sharing it as well... I think this will help a lot of people with cool effects. I was basically waiting on someone to figure out how to do this (well, I was trying myself as well don't get me wrong here) so I could make some water/lava/slime/etc.

    It would be good (providing Quazi doesn't mind) if we put all of these "QuaziBlob" examples into a RAR file, and put them up on the demo's page.

    Well done mate, bloody great effect!


  • i really wouldnt care if it was posted as a demo, i mean its a really cool effect, especially if it says quaziblob. im just wondering if ashley has seen the effect yet?, i didnt see any replies of his on the subject.

    i just would like 2 finish my blob guys movement engine and post that as part of the .rar, i still have 2 draw some stuff though.

    keep making examples on it im curious as 2 what all of you will make

  • Quickly edited the explosion file to make water hitting a windshield.

    I didn't spend the time to have it drip down properly, but eh... Lazy.

    http://www.fileshack.us/get_file.php?id ... shield.cap

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