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Problems with DirectX

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  • Hello, I am having problems with the DirextX to construct rises app made in Windows Vista.

    Win Vista Have Version 10 of DirectX:

    <img src="https://recriartec.com/scirra/construct/directx10.jpg">

    Whenever I try to run the application I get the error!:

    <img src="https://recriartec.com/scirra/construct/directx-1.jpg">

    I already tried to run the application make in construct with dx9:

    <img src="https://recriartec.com/scirra/construct/directx-2.jpg">

    and get same error of Directx Update!

    To Construct Work had to play those two DLL's folder to the Construct:

    <img src="https://recriartec.com/scirra/construct/directx-3.jpg">

    Construct not because I thought these Dll's and stop working!

    Can not Install DirectX 9c August 2008 in Windows Vista.

    Can not Uninstall Windows Vista DirextX 10.

    This Hard.

    Can you help me with DirectX?


  • Can not Install DirectX 9c August 2008 in Windows Vista.

    You need to install DX9.0c for Aug. 2008, there's no way around that. DX10 does not have some of the necessary files that Construct needs in order to run.

    Why can't you install DX? Do you get some kind of error?

  • you can have multiple installs of directX and it's ok, no need to uninstall directX 10. Just install the DirectX version that construct prompts when installing and it should work.

  • I have Vista and I have the update installed.

    MS decided to not include DX9 updates in DX10, which is really annoying but can't be helped.

  • Yes, this is yet another instance of someone being confused by Microsoft calling certain DirectX 9 updates "optional" and not including them in the default install.

    Even if you have DirectX 10, you might not have the latest DirectX 9. They're updated separately. I know, it's mad, and drives me mad too! Follow the instructions to run the DirectX update like it says and you'll get the "optional" components installed (which includes those DLL files you mentioned).

  • Hum, I understand, but

    When I try to update the DirectX9 with "dxwebsetup.exe"

    This happened:

    <img src="https://recriartec.com/scirra/construct/Error-directX.jpg">

    Translated into English to be easier to understand, because I'm Brazilian.

    So what can be?


  • Hmm... I don't know. Try running it from the official Microsoft website?

  • seems like a corrupted download to me

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  • Hmm... I don't know. Try running it from the official Microsoft website?

    humm, nice idea

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