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My construct files won't open!

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  • Earlier today I opened up a .cap project and it opened up perfectly. I let it idle for 5 minutes and then I tried opening another .cap file and the loading bar appeared for a second, but then disappeared and nothing happened.

    I then (mistakenly) closed my first .cap to see if it would open again correctly, but it did not. Now I can't open either files. I tried rebooting, I tried reinstalling Construct and I tried upgrading to the latest version. But none of it changed anything.

    The weird part is that I can still open up new files, save those and open them up again. This is getting incredibly frustrating.

    My Construct version is 0.99.62 (The latest stable version) and I'm running it on 64-bit Windows 7.

    This is the first time I had this, or any other problem with Construct. But this is bad. Help, please?

  • Have you tried deleting the associated .persist files? That has fixed it for me in the past. They're usually with your game's files.

    EDIT: Also, most people use the latest unstable build, instead of the stable ones. The most recent one can be found here:


  • Have you tried deleting the associated .persist files? That has fixed it for me in the past. They're usually with your game's files.

    This fixed it! Thanks so much, you're a life saver.

    I thought about those .persist files before, but I didn't wanna risk moving/deleting them in the fear on it messing up my projects. Turns out it saved them! Thanks again!

  • I never open more than app in Construct.

    Doing so guarantees a crash for me.

    Glad to hear that deleting the persist file got your cap working again, and it's good to know in case it happens to me.


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  • also

    if deleting the persist files is a pain because you have to navigate to the folder

    another way to recover seeing stuff is to go to the project bar, and find the layout or events, and double click on one and everything'll be back to normal

    as far as opening two things at once

    I usually just open up another instance of construct

    it doesn't seem to have any impact on performance

    and the two instances don't cause any conflict

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