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  • Pathfinding/Grid movement:

    ? I saw that you have already planned that but I would like to add some ideas to it:

    Square, Diamond, Hex cells with definable width and height (so that you can achieve Isometric grid sizes e.g. 32x16).

    Turret Behaviour:

    ? Always hit option - Causes the bullet to chase the target so that it never misses it. (Warcraft III style) - Solved

    ? Use sprite as range - This will allow isometric target detection and also different shaped ranges. Sprite Width and Height should also be definable

    RTS Behaviour:

    ? I saw this part in some post but I will repeat it - Maximum vertical speed (Isometric related again)

    ? Move on - Couldn't think of a better name right now xD This is basically not defining what it should go around but rather telling it what it should go ON i.e. the surface (object/family) it should pathfind on.

    I'll probably add more :]

    As a Contruct begginer I may be overlooking simple ways of achieving the above stuff so don't be too harsh :]

  • To make bullets always hit, you should use the 'linearaim' expression; it's shown here:

    and in my tower defense game, for a more practical example with turrets.

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  • Or just set the bullet's angle toward the target. Then it will always home in to the target and plant itself into the soft, succulent meat. Mmm dinner.

  • I can't seem to be able to edit my first post so i'll just reply with a new feature request:

    Common Properties:

    Absolute horizontal & vertical scale - These properties would allow to change the absolute width and height of an object, regardless of angle (as current width and height are applied and then the object is rotated). I thought of this while trying to rotate a hexagonal sprite around the center of the layout while keeping it's appearance isometric. Note that the rotation always keeps one side of the hexagon pointed towards the center. The only way I thought of achieving this was adding plenty of angles to the sprite and not rotating it using its angle but rather its sprite appearance, so that the width and height axes will remain the same but this way isn't quite effective and definately does not produce smooth visual appearance. I hope I just wrote something understandable I will make a video using other software if the request is vague.

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