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Construct 0.99.97 released

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  • Download Construct 0.99.97

    Link to previous build (0.99.96) changelog

    Some bug fixes and changes made by Davo and R0J0Hound (their credit - I'm just publishing this release). Note I've set up a new computer since last building Construct 0.x - something may have gone awry as a result, so let me know if everything's working smoothly.



    • [Fix] Kind of an internal fix: when removing private variables the family variables were not removed. This should prevent out of order family private variables and runtime crashes in the future, but it does not correct existing caps.(Rojohound)
    • [Add] The object bar now has the option to organize by object folders. (Rojohound)

    Animation Bar

    • [Fix] The animation bar would sometimes crash when dragging animations. (Rojohound)
    • [Fix] Fix for crash when clicking in the animator bar with multiple objects selected. (Rojohound)


    • [Fix] The top/left icon of the window now shows the correct icon. (Rojohound)
    • [Fix] Negative width/height pixel perfect collision bug fix. (Rojohound)
    • [Fix] Fixed a crash that could occur in the runtime when an object had multiple behaviours or containers. (Davo)
    • [Fix/Add] The Remove Attribute Action now works. (Rojohound)

    Plugins & behaviors

    • [Fix] Particle Spray can now be created then repositioned in the first frame without a trail being made (Davo)
    • [Add] Platform movement now has a new actions and expressions for 'local speed' so the values of speed will be the same with different gravity directions. (Davo)
    • [Add Platform movement now has 'additional velocity' which you can set to make the player move in the wind or along a conveyor belt (Davo)
    • [Add] Platform movement now has a 'inside obstacle' condition trigger - but this will sometimes trigger when you land on a moving platform so its still a wip (Davo)
    • [Fix] If you hold down the jump button, and then create an object with platform movement, the character would jump - this has been fixed. (Davo)


    • [Fix] The runtime will no longer crash if "Enable scripting" is checked and python scripts aren't used. (Rojohound)


    • [Fix] Subtract.Fx now works correctly. (Rojohound)
  • Many thanks. I know how busy you guys are but this is most welcome

  • Very nice, I hope for more improvements in the future.

  • So long awaited update is here! Thank you, can't wait to test it.

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  • Nice changelog. Constuct's getting better and hotter

  • Awesome guys, thank you so much.

    Here's to (hopefully) more C0.x releases in the future

    <img src="http://i51.tinypic.com/2yo5mya.jpg">

  • Python

    - [Fix] The runtime will no longer crash if "Enable scripting" is checked and python scripts aren't used. (Rojohound)

    I think I have had the most problems with that. I would try to make a Python script, give up, then forget to disable that. Then complain that my game isn't working, and then Rojohound would come in and be all like "Hey, Enable Scripting is on, again. Turn it off now." and I would be all like "omg srry!!!!"

    Awesome release!

    EDIT: I think Ill wait until the stable release, however...

  • Wow, fantastic! Thanks.

    [quote:c8bjufth]but it does not correct existing caps.(Rojohound)

    What if I haven't used families yet?

  • What if I haven't used families yet?

    I was talking about caps that are having issues with families. If you haven't used families yet then you should have no issues using them now. You can fix broken caps made in previous versions manually by removing the families completely then re-adding them.

  • Cheers for the update chaps.

  • Great job guys, good to see that construct 0.9xxxx is still alive.

  • Anyone had any new problems with this update? Considering marking it stable and sending it out via auto-update.

  • Seems good, except for the .persist issue, which - for me - crashes if I open a .cap, move from the event view to layout view, then close Construct. It throws a CxIOFile error. Going from layout to event view then closing updates the persist fine.

    Other than that, looks as stable as the previous stable build, for me at least

  • I seem to have an issue with the image editor, I can create a sprite object, resize it to say 40x40, draw my image, save it and then the sprite object looks messed up and distorted.

    I've 2 screenshots of what I mean:



    Anyone had any new problems with this update? Considering marking it stable and sending it out via auto-update.

  • CrudeMik, Is that a new issue specifically with 0.99.97?

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