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Silent Star: Blast - on Scirra Arcade

  • I've just finished my first ever (even though I'm not a kid) game dev thanks to this superb engine!

    It's a simple, yet increasingly challenging asteroids style game - with multiple ships (each with different characteristics) and high score leaderboards on the Scirra Arcade.

    Hoping to finish up a mobile version, and an OUYA version in the near future.

    Would love for thoughts, feedback, etc - all art is from opengameart.org by Kenney.

    *EDIT* - Updated game is now available on GameJolt here:

    This version includes GameJolt login and online Leaderboards - give it a blast and prove you're the best!

  • Is the Arcade broken at the minute? Seeing lots (an amazing number really) of plays on the game tile, but stats button still says 0 plays and no in depth statistics available? Anyone else having this with their games?

    Gotta say I'm eager to verify the number of plays as - to me - it seems an utterly insane number. If it is accurate, I'm in heaven!

    *EDIT* - Also updated the OP with an updated version available at GameJolt.

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  • Quick update for those with an OUYA console - the game is now available on OUYA!

    Gotta say, submission process was nice and easy. Great communication - and this game went through on first submission!!

    You can push it to you're OUYA from here:

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