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sachosDev's list of games! [Android/Scirra Arcade]

  • Hi guys wanted to share my game with you, all posible thanks to C2!

    Continuum Box is a puzzle game where you play as a box that can only stop moving once you hit a wall!

    Using this mechanic fun and hard levels are presented to challenge your mind! You are encouraged to finish the levels with as few moves as possible.


    * More than 100 levels to play!

    * Hard levels!

    * Movement based gameplay.

  • Hey guys wanted to share a new game i released! Its a new take on classic Flappy Bird gameplay.

    Flappy Math is a simple but challenging and skill based game.

    In this game you play as Birdagoras, the bird that knows math! A random number is given to you at the start of the game...Tap to flap and fly through the correct path indicated by numbers multiplicative of the number given to you!


    * Only one simple input, tap!

    * Hard game to master.

    * Easy Mode: For people that are not good at math, specially children!

    * Hard Mode: For people with math knowledge.

    * Highscore and Best Times records for both modes.

    * Easy Mode is also helpful to get children to learn the multiplication tables!

  • Hi guys i wanted to share my new game

    Super Planet Crusher

    In Super Planet Crusher you take a role of a crazy meteorite that only wants to destroy as many planets as he can. The Alien Police Patrol is trying to stop you using their weapons to destroy you, so be swift and dodge them!


    * Awesome graphics and music.

    * 3 Difficulty Levels.

    * Lots of Power Ups AND Power Downs, so keep an eye on what you are picking up!

    * Infinite gameplay.

    * Simple controls, hold left to move left and hold right to move right.

    * Screen wraping.

  • Hi guys today i bring a new game!

    Multiples is a math based puzzle game.

    In Multiples you are given a random number at the start of the game and in a few seconds you are asked to find every multiple of it!

    It features an Easy Mode suitable for childrens still learning the multiplication tables, a Normal Mode for normal people, and a Hard Mode that it is actually really hard, just for you in case you are a genius!

  • Hi guys just wanted to say my games are now available to play on the Scirra Arcade, hope now is easy to test them. Did not upload Multiples because i dont think that game is fun to play on a browser hehe.

    Continuum Box

    Flappy Math

    Super Planet Crusher

  • Continuum Box reminds me of a game by a friend:

    I would increase the speed of the box and add a few sounds. At its current state the game doesn't motivate me much. But that can be due to the fact that I played the game of my friend too much

    Super Planet Crusher brought me the most fun of the 3 games (Flappy the least) and has the highest replay factor for me.

  • Thanks for taking the time to play my games =)

    Oh wow it really is the same gameplay but your friends game has way cooler style.

    I actually agree about the speed of the box, i tried making it faster but i found myself having a lot of collision problems. The worst thing about Continuum Box is the way i implemented the movement it was a really hacky messy way, and thats why im honestly not that happy with it, i ended up rushing to publish it to learn about exporting/publishing and monetizing with admob. What kind of sounds are you talking about, i think every action has a sound, there is not much to do move, collect stars, hit the wall. Later levels introduce new mechanics that add new sounds.

    Glad you enjoyed SPC. Flappy Math was more an experiment to test how much atention can a game get on the store based on "famous" keywords like Flappy, turns out, not that much.

  • Patronizing the player not a good idea.

  • sachos345: oh sorry, I could swear there where no sounds when I played first time, just music. must be accidently pressed the mute button or something

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  • Patronizing the player not a good idea.

    Sorry, what do you mean with this? English is not my first language.

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