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Floppy Disk Bird a #FlappyGame with History

  • Hi there! This is #FloppyDiskBird

    Well maybe all of you are just sucked off of any variant or alternative of #FlappyGames but I want to show you this one !! Is called : #FloppyDiskBird now available for #WindowsPhone #Android and #Windows8.1/RT

    This game was created thinking about the history of Storage Devices! I know some of you young guys even never worked with a Floppy Disk Drive, earlier also a Magnetic Tape was used to store data, or even in more early years you may have heard about perfored paper or cilindric drums?

    Well all of this is what inspired me to make this GAME, as a tribute to the history of Computer Storage to our days, with the boom of #FlappyBirdAlternatives.

    The game is as simple as any others or harder if you like, but when you play it and as you pass through the Magnets your player character will evolute to be a better storage device....well at the end I don't even know right now what will be the end, you may can feedme back with some cool and clever ideas

    Ok try the game for Windows Phone:

    Windows 8:


    Hope you like and really enjoy this game version #FloppyDiskBird will evolute more and more, with your feedback, or maybe not, but I want to share this experience to all of you.

    My website:


    Thank you very much for sharing this !! I will be answering any of your questions and hope maybe you can do a Better #FloppyDiskBirdAlternative using #Construct2 !!

    If you want to know more about Storage Device History this link is good one:


    Best Regards,


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