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ChipRush (plus bonus!)

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    Move with ARROW KEYS

    Collect diamonds and circles but avoid those getting to the tentacle thing on the left, it´ll turn those out to lasers to kill you. Also, lasers can turn the diamonds and circles into new lasers.

    Its hard but use your slow motion jump to avoid hell on screen (double jump can save you a lot!).

    Made in about 7 hours.

    Hope you enjoy!

    PS: I´ve made several small games that i thought didnt needed a new post so ill put them down here if you wanna check them.


    Play: bit.ly/CYCLOPSSNAKE

    Made for bitslap 1 hour game jam this week, theme was flight.

    Move with arrows, shoot with Z.


    Play: bit.ly/POWERCLASH

    Local multiplayer vs style game, controls are in the newgrounds description, but i recommend two XBOX 360 controllers. Made for and arcade (physical) machine for exhibit on a convention. Its called Argentron (didnt work but worth the shot).


    Play: bit.ly/BASKETFROMHELL

    Made in one hour, its like a toy. I just had fun with it with some friends. Physics based game.


    Play: http://bit.ly/COBSBIRTHDAY

    Birthday present for a good friend. (You should play his AWESOME game White Stone: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/657455)


    Play: bit.ly/MCBRIDE

    Birthday present for a nice friend. Made in half an hour, so thats what youre seeing. Sorry for the crappy gift.

    Move with arrows, shoot with Z (it gets pretty hard)

    Sorry for the long post, if this bother to anyone ill change it, didnt wanted to flood with topics, i usually post for every game but been off a while so, here i am.

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  • very good game , needs improvements on design

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