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Bounce Bounce Bear

  • Hi everyone,

    After 6 months of development we've finally released our first game (Bounce Bounce Bear) on iOS and Android. Bounce Bounce Bear was made purely in Construct 2 and is a simple endless arcade game where the objective is to stay alive for as long as possible while bouncing around in a circle of clouds. You can unlock new clouds by improving your highscore and purchase hats (hats contain super powers!) using stars you’ll find along the way.

    For a video preview of our app, have a look at the following trailer:

    iOS download link:

    Android download link:

    About our studio:

    Vega Game Studios was founded by myself (Vega) in 2014. We are a teeny tiny indie developer consisting of myself, my girlfriend Meg and my little sister Maria. I do all the game development and programming while Meg takes care of our website and designs some of the game graphics. Maria tests out all our games and helps out with our social media pages.

    Follow us on:

    And if you have any questions regarding our game or how it was made, ask away! I'd be happy to answer any questions

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  • 250 games and counting! Thanks to anyone who downloaded my game

    Hope you're all still enjoying it!

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