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Arcade Roman Chariot Racer [iOS and Android]

  • Hi there, Teaboy Games have just completed our latest project with a local charity where we made an app about the Colchester Roman Circus with 50+ young people involved in the process making artwork, audio and creative writing. For those not in the know, a Roman Circus is where Chariot Racing took place - and the circus in Colchester is the only, known, one of its kind in Britain!

    As a small team of three developers, we were approached by the local charity who had already secured funding from the 'Heritage Lottery Fund'. This meant we were able to make the game free to download without having to stress over monetisation methods - the dream!

    "Race to victory as a Roman Charioteer or explore Roman Colchester with three unique audio stories!"

    Download on iOS:

    Download on Android:

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