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100CUBES is online!

  • Hello all,

    Tonight one of our games has been published on Google PlayStore. It was a side-project to our current master project which we started to throw off some steam but it suddenly got momentum. We used to play this game on pen & paper in high school and we decided to give it a go. Next morning we had 20 levels and some nice mechanics going on.

    You can check it out here:


    After months of work and battle with life, we have been able to

    +Improved graphics

    +80 levels


    +Online scoreboard

    and many other improvements on our game. We also changed the name to 100CUBES!

    See below what it looks like:

    As always, thanks to Scirra for their awesome game engine, Tulamide for support and some sound effects, and everyone on the forums for their tremendous help along the way. See you around.

    ***09.05.2015 UPDATE!

    100CUBES is now on iOs! It was a little bit complicated before, but with recent updates we were able to push the game through PhoneGap, with iAds. It's a challange itself to upload a game to appstore, but we have done it, all thanks to awesome Construct 2. Check it out, it's free

  • I already wondered why I didn't hear from you for quite some time! Good to see how far this has been going! I wish you success for this project - and contact me if you need sounds or music for that special other one

    Keep it up!

  • Just update! See the opening post to find out what happened to Hundred!

  • I know the project just from the begining. Great effort!!. Hope gets what it deserves..

  • Thanks snipermage! Well, in the beginning it was just for fun. Then next thing we know we were trying to code in an online scoreboard, an undo mechanic a level editor so we could make 80 levels! It was fun, but a lot effort went into it. Now we hope it gets at least some attention and some feedback, so we can do better in our next, upcoming title, "The Torpoedo".

    So far the activity is below our expectations, but at least people give it high scores so far... I am going to prepare a gameplay video and share it on some youtube channels, and see what it brings in...

  • It's a pretty nice concept, quite well executed. The gameplay is addictive, the art nicely functional - hopefully you do well with it - it would be deserved.

    Some observations:

    At times it' s a little slow in menus - not sure if it's C2's fault or your approach (perhaps it's ads preloading?). Otherwise it's nice and fast.

    The game field is vertical, perhaps make sure it's locked to that orientation?

    There' s no way to exit the levels screen - perhaps add a button there?

    It would probably make sense to have music throughout the non-game sections, not just level selection.

    It seems to stay fairly active when in background, but I guess that's once again C2's/export system's fault

  • Somebody, thank you very much for you quite constructive feedback.

    We noticed it was slow in the menus, and the reason is the online leaderboard. We have a server that speaks to game as the player passes levels and gets their track score and updates itself, so when the connection is slow the game hangs abit. This is a good point, though, we will try to somehow get better reading positions and maybe faster server to try and solve this problem.

    The game should be locked on portrait view. ıt was locked in the devices we tested, could you please tell us your device model? You can pm me if you wish.

    At any time, your telephones back button should (theoritacally )activate a quit game promter. But still, your feedback is quite welcome. We will try to place an exit button to level selection screen.

    Music! Ah the music! For some unknown reason, we cannot silence the music during gameplay! AFter weeks of bug hunt, we decided to let go music during gameplay, because if sounds are off to begin with, music doesnt play, but if the sounds are switched to off during gameplay, nothing, not even the stop all stops the music. We will still try, though!

    And the last one, we have no known solution. Any idea or advice is well appreciated about this issue.

    Again, thank you very, very much for your comments. I hope you find it to your liking and enjoy. Especially the later levels, where different cubes come into play



  • My device in this case is a Sony Xperia Z Ultra - it has soft buttons so to get a back button one needs to swipe down which is a bit awkward. And it does rotate to landscape.

    And I did just get to the "timed" cubes - that is pretty cool. Is this gameplay in general an original idea of yours or is it based on something? Because it's great and a great fit for mobile - deserving of success similar to "Threes" or such.

  • Somebody, I am glad you enjoyed it. We made it so every ten levels either introduce a new type of cube or combine previously introduced two cubes.

    The idea is based on a pen&paper game we used to play in high school, but I don't know it's name, I doubt it even has a name. We just took the concept and expanded it. In original game, you are just trying to fill a 10x10 grid with the movement rules introduced in our game, that's it.

    ...wait until you reach what we call oscillating cubes...

  • Hi again, I also have similar problems. The orientation problem and lack of exit button in level select and main entrance. Also you may add a section of levels where users may add or propose levels? That will be interactive and exciting...

  • Nice work!

  • Just played it, Lovely job I hope it succeeds, def deserves too!

  • Savenko, iceangel, thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words. It got some attention and we were able to get into trending page of the puzzle section. I am working on a trailer style gameplay video, with it placed on youtube I hope it will get some more attention.

    We are on schedule for an update this weekend, with various bugfixes and improvements.

    Thanks again to everyone in Scirra!

  • Windwalker. Congratulations and keep well!

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  • 100CUBES is now on iOs! It was a little bit complicated before, but with recent updates we were able to push the game through PhoneGap, with iAds. It's a challange itself to upload a game to appstore, but we have done it, all thanks to awesome Construct 2. Check it out, it's free

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