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The mystery of the Black mountain

  • Hello. We young team "Mult-art" from Russia

    We make quest game "The mystery of the Black mountain" as (????? ?????? ????) - russian translate

    Now we in progress and game complete above 64% planned.

    Video presentation

    Official web page is http://mountain.mult-art.ru/ we can play in minigame

    Social only VK.com https://vk.com/multart_mountain

    Planned: Steam and GooglePlay.

  • no comments ;(

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  • This is the kind of 2d games I prefer, my favorite 2d game of all time is The Curse of the Monkey Island.

    I like what your team made so far, I played the demo and for me this is the most professionally made construct 2 game I've ever witnessed, the animations are perfect, I like the cartoonish style, some things may be improved:

    • If its possible, set the character to move in 8 directions , make an animation for each direction ( Like in The Curse of the Monkey Island).
    • Character should talk and be more reactive ( Blinking eyes, moving head ect ... )

    My 2 cents is that try to imitate the game that I stated above, not all the features but the most important ones, then I can garantee you that you're game will be noticed and succeed.

    ( The game took them 3 years to make )

  • Awesome work guys! This is looking fantastic. Clean art and animations. I would love to see the finished product! Would be great to see it translated into english as well. I was able to give the cat the pen and paper and get on your mailing list I presume? Couldn't be sure as I dont read Russian- but very clever. Great work! Keep it up!

  • Thank you fot support.

    We are planing Russian, English, German and Portuguese.

    On Web need give hammer, hammer drop to ewer/jar after brick - give gold key and drop key to lock on the table ))) and you see pen and papper. Give it to cat - enjoy ) write you email. After relese we sent to mail relese info ))

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