The Artifact (Demo Available)


    The Artifact Alpha Demo V. 0.0.1

    *Edit: Press Esc to see the keyboard and gamepad keys.

    *Currently Gamepad is fully supported only during gameplay.

    Controls (Keyboard)

    Left Arrow - Move Left

    Right Arrow - Move Right

    Up arrow - Jump

    Wall Jump - While jumping if you have a wall by your side press the arrow in the opposite direction (e.g. Player has a wall to his left, press right arrow)

    Extra Jump - After performing a wall jump you gain an extra jump (Up Arrow)

    Skills - Press Z, X, C or V.

    Press E to collect items and artifact fragments

    For more information about the controls (keyboard and gamepad), go to the options in game.

    I'll do a quick tutorial later.

    Your feedback is appreciated!


    Hi! I'm here to show my solo project which I'm working on for a while and my inspirations comes from Risk of Rain and Diablo 3. Still has lots of work to do but I'm focusing on completing the first episode in order to release an alpha demo and provide the feeling of the game so I can get many early feedbacks as possible before advancing. So let's get into it!

    What is The Artifact?

    The Artifact is an action platformer with some roguelike elements such as permanent death and randomized elements. There are hundreds of gems to help you defeat the darkness. Choose from several classes and travel through areas dominated by the evil, find survivers and unlock new classes, beat randomly spawned enemies with random generated abilities, make several unique builds by getting hundreds of powerful gem items and beat the darkness.

    The world as we know is about to end. A misterious Artifact came from the depths of the earth and corrupted everything. People barely survived and the ones who

    did it are either transformed by the dark essence or too week to fight against corrupted humans and monsters from the underworld that released your wrath upon humans. Only a few with such incredibly strengh and abilities could survive the artifact influence and now they are all the hope mankind have to fight back.

    There are 20 unique episodes themes with 3 possible maps for each one and 35 total episodes, each one getting harder from the previous. After 20th episode they are randomly picked.

    Each episode you need to gather Artifact fragments and find the boss item in order to conjure the boss and fight him. These fragments are randomly spawned

    in the map. Once an Artifact is present in the world it corrupts the area, spawning several enemies around. The boss item however, can be found around the map or

    by killing enemies. In between there are randomly generated challenges(or side quest - still deciding how to name it) which provides rewards that certainly will help you through your journey. Focusing in it provide the risk of making things harder since as the time passes more enemies will spawn around the Artifact fragment.

    There are three initial classes which are Barbarian, Ranger and Mage. The other classes will be unlocked by completing episodes or certain tasks.

    Each class have 4 skills which goes from primary to quaternary skills.

    General description about skill category.

    Primary Skills: fast attack speed and they are the main way of dealing damage.

    Secondary skills: generally provide you an escape form and have a medium cooldown.

    Terciary skills: basically provide a more efficient way of dealing damage and have medium cooldown.

    Quaternary Skills: Have great damage and long cooldown.

    All skills are built to have synergy between each other.

    Gems are the way to create several unique builds for your character and customize the way you play the game. They are stackable and may increase your basic atributes, enhance skills, add new passive abilities, etc. The drop is fully random but you can reroll the gem at a cost of gem essence to get another item within the same rarity. Also you can set diferent categories to be rolled, such as offensive gems, defensive, etc. Gems rarity can be common, uncommon, rare, boss item and legendary.

    (This gif is a little faster =p)

    There are different types of enemies: Normal, Elite, Commanders and the Boss.(Legendary enemies might be added later)

    Everytime you start an episode enemies get randomly generated passive skills and abilities. Initially normal enemies have 1, Elites have 2 and Commanders have 4 plus 2 combat

    skills. After you reach a new difficulty stage the enemy passive skill capacity is increased.

    Some enemies:

    Other gifs:

    I'll provide a video showing some gameplay as soon as possible.

    If you like it would be great to hear from you your feedback and general opinions as well.


  • I can't wait to play this one. It looks great so far!

  • roguecore

    Thanks for the interest bud! I'm working hard to get some early demo done.

    Edit: Cemetery Guard, a commander. He'll be your nightmare for sure. =p

  • roguecore

    Thanks for the interest bud! I'm working hard to get some early demo done.

    Edit: Cemetery Guard, a commander. He'll be your nightmare for sure. =p


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  • I would like to have ideas like that, keep going.

  • Hi, i like your pixel art. I'll be watching the progress, good luck.

  • klabundee


    Hi, guys! Thanks for the interest.

    I'll have more to show soon.

  • The first boss.

  • Some random map decoration placement.

  • Ranger class skills. What you guys think?

    and her skill icons

  • Ranger class skills. What you guys think?

    and her skill icons

    It was amazing skills.

  • Totally badass!! Animations look really fluid

  • FraktalZero


    Thanks guys. I have established a deadline to release an alpha demo which is until november 30th. I hope I can make it .

  • Good luck!

  • Warehouse of a Tavern. Interactive Start Screen/Char Selection. Still working on it so I'l be showing the entire screen later ^^

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