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Moonlight Chronicles (Updated 4/16/14) (Metroidvania RPG)

  • Working Title (Subject to change, I'm sure)

    Moonlight Chronicles

    Style and Gameplay :

    Metroidvania style action/platformer with strong RPG element's, pet collecting, leveling and collectibles. Solo story mode with multiple unlockable characters. Bright and fun graphic style to help appeal to everyone.

    Idea's Corner

    Long singleplayer storyline, with multiple tales depending on your main character*

    Pet collecting! You'll be able to breed, level, stat and find quite a few along your journey*

    Randomized system of loot, similar to the diablo series, with multiple prefixes and suffixes.*

    A host of legendary unique gear to find and collect, all customizable*

    Multiplayer pet arena planned, hopefully allowing you to pit your pet's against each other via facebook/twitter/ect*

    Day and Night cycle system, with planned weather event's such as : rain, windy, foggy, ect*

    New game + Mode, unlockable game shaders, boss rush mode and tons more for after you've completed the single-player campaign*

    Large amount of side-quest's, including rare monster hunt's*

    Available to play on nearly every system out there (Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, ect)*

    Schedule and Planning :

    1) Create the in-game music and sound effects ...progress!

    2) Create the game intro, splash screen and title ...progress!

    3) Tilemapping and level/parralax creation for level design ...progress!

    4) Character/Enemy creation and animation ...new progress!

    5) Game object, physics and interactables and animation ...new progress!

    6) Database/stat arrays and leveled lists ...new progress!

    7) Boss implementation and Storyline creation

    8) Menu creation and options changes

    9) Character, object and enemy injection to the levelmaps

    10) Storyline, timing/event and boss injection to the levelmaps

    11) Platform specific release changes, and cleanup

    (Planned availability > Windows > Android > Mac > IOS initially. Wii U > 360 > PS3 hopefully after)

    12) Beta version release and imbedded update/patch creation

    13) Changelog's, bugfixes and speed improvements leading into official release.

    Progress Reports!

    (Note, you'll have to remove the astericks in order to use the links for the time being (my rep's not high enough yet to post links, lol)

    Music :

    --https://soundcloud.com/llluminatlll/rhythmic-disassembled-- (New 04/16/2014)
    --https://soundcloud.com/llluminatlll/strolling-wonders -- (New 04/16/2014)
    --https://soundcloud.com/llluminatlll/transcendance-- (New 04/16/2014)
    [b][u]Characters / Enemies :[/u][/b]
    --https://imageshack.com/i/n8jgnfp-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/n7285pp-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/nd6t47p-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/m9dgt8p-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/na77mqp-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/nhyp85p-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/n7a9k4p-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/n7kn0qp-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/nfzh3mp-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/nh3mz7p-- (New)
    --https://imageshack.com/i/nelttxp-- (New)
    [b][u]Pictures and Screenies :[/u][/b]
    Some new mock ups -
    ----------Alchemy Lab (WIP)------------------
    [b][u]Playable Demos :[/u][/b]
    [b][u]Videos :[/u][/b]
    [b][u]Game Art :[/u][/b]
    [b][i][u]This weeks Agenda/What's Cooking :[/u][/i][/b]
    (Update) 04/13/2014
    It's been a big week. The splash/intro and loading screen's, sadly are still a work in progress (difficult to fill, with no affiliates, lol). A new art style for enemies, and over 70 already in planning. Design progress on the pet system, including 5 new pet's already designed, waiting for final animations and touches. This system is very early stages, but at LEAST will include leveling pet's found within the game. I'll try to get some early pictures up on a few enemies and a pet or two, to show the new look and get some feedback on them. Also, the starter area is completely done, including the first 4 area's of the game (minus parallaxing) and collision. This week I'll attempt to finish the first area's enemies, the characters available to play in-game, and if there is time, tie the music and lighting to the layouts. Quick shout out - Thank's REX, great set of plugins for C2. I'll be hitting up your dictionary/stat array plugins this week off and on (leveled lists', loot pools). Awesome work, thanks.
  • It's begun! Progress!

    Linked a few songs for the project, and have the tilemap for the first area near completed, as well as a few odds and ends

    Any/all feedback welcome! Let me know what you guy's think on the music, and gameplay ideas are always welcome.

  • art work looking great and stunning !!!

  • great art! old school vibes!

    are you making all alone?

    if you need some help... send a msg!

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  • Thanks jihun

    Thanks nmlucio

    I really appreciate the replies! I was beginning to think I was all alone over here, hehe. It's a solo project so far. I was hoping to land that old school meets retro indie look, and I'm not sure of that qualifies lol, but the more I'm looking at it, the more it's growing on me (Been trying to imagine, with enemies/sprites/character/effects going on, what it i will look like). Many thanks for the offer of help nmlucio, that's definitely appreciated. This is my first actual C2 project, and I'm sure I'll have a bazillion questions along the way (I think learning the event/script? system here will probably be the hardest for me, coming from rpg maker and 001 engine.

    Thanks again you two.

  • really nice work, im working in a metroidvania too, I love you art style

  • Thanks ffman22!

    Nice of you , and if there is anything I can help with, hit me up!

  • New updates

    New sprite links uploaded for some of the fauna inside the game. These are non-attacking mobs, but each will be attached to leveled lists and quite killable, or they can flutter about randomly doing their own thing. I'm hoping the art style change will captivate a wider audience. Most of the sprites are super early alpha, including the preview of one of the main characters (?), and will definitely be changing as it progresses. I'll try to upload more track's I'm going to be using in the game as well. I believe were around 9 loops (smaller areas, events), and 7-8 main theme songs. I'll be building a area if there is time this week, with fauna/enemies and one of the main characters, to make a video demo finally.

  • Music links work, but all of the images URLs come back saying that they've been deleted.

    Can you post them again, or tell me where I can see them?


  • Hey zolointo,

    Apologies on the bad link's, it look's imageshack went to a pay-for service only, leaving me to rehost them elsewhere for the time being. I've been silent on the forum's for about a week now, trying to get a website up (hopefully couple of day's), and all the paperwork done for kickstarter/greenlight. It's been a slow process, but definitely needed, and should be done very soon.

    I'll try to get those links back up, now that I can post direct linked pictures via tinypic. Hopefully, I'll have the website up in the next couple of day's, showcasing a few project's in the mix and hopefully a lot of free resources for you guys (including the music track's here, which will be free for use .

  • Knock knock. Any news on the website or pictures? Thanks!

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