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    I wanted to create my own little twist on a twitch integrated game - so I came up with the idea of making a complete "game" that would function as the said layout. There where no information that I could use on various forums etc. etc. So I spend quite a long time figuring out how I could get all the information into the game, and update everything instantly. I found several solutions that helps me achieve this goal.

    Pro: It works | Con: I have to use more programs then I would like to use.


    The entire thing is a living breathing world, where all the followers will be walking around patrolling, shopping or otherwise doing something in the realm.

    -Im planning on making a world map for each host/raid, so you can see how have been hosting you.


    Only text data is working, but it will feature a live battle on screen where the host/raid will try to conquer the CrudeCastle, which will give the following conditions if the host either:

    Lose=After the battle there will be a mini-game where the people in chat can hunt down the hosting party.

    Win=After the battle they will conquer the castle and the people in chat can gather a party to reclaim it.


    Only text data is working, but it will feature a animation of the new follower and a camera view of his going into the CrudeCastle.

    -It will be able to create a follower train

    -People in chat will be able to track the newest follower (for a cost) and see what he are doing in the realm.

    Donation / Bits

    Only text data is working, but it will feature a animation showing a glorious animation.

    -After the animation, people in chat will be able to praise the donator which will be visible in the realm.


    Placeholder mostly - I will add more as I progress.

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  • Video:

    This was a old test build I made which features a complete battle between the host and followers.

  • Video:

    This is the alpha build of the new overhauled overlay - which show the very BASIC of the things I want in my overlay.

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