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Color Streaker

  • Color Streaker is a color/color word matching game. You goal is to start a streak and run for as long as possible. As you extend your streak, the amount of time you have to react decreases. You begin to exhibit what is known as the Stroop Effect. That is where your brain encounters interference between the color name/word and the color of the text.

    Scirra Arcade:

    Google Play Store:

    How to Play

    The game is a simple one control game. You press and hold the button. When you see a match you release it. Matches happen when both the color word and the color of the text are the same as the "match." If you get it wrong, your game is over. You can immediately go again.


    While I consider the game mostly complete, I am always open to suggestions. The more people that play the more I can tweak the game balance.

  • I was expecting to be playing as a guy streaking getting chased by the police of something...

    In all seriousness though, good job. I can see this reaching millions of DLs if marketed well.

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  • Thanks for compliment!

    The name was partly inspired by Old School and Will Farrell's character. In fact, I included a subtle reference as part of the game.

    Though, you expectations now have my mind running for another game. Hmm...

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