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Physics Question: Rotation and Drift

  • EDIT: Figured out my silly mistake right after I posted this. LMB click is a trigger and running Every Tick as a sub-event make the tick event only fire once.

    If I were to give a circular object Physics and have it set to apply a Force towards another target object on mouse click. I also apply a Torque at the same time to give it rotation.

    What I would like to do after this point is have the Physics object drift to the left or right based on it's rotation and angular velocity. Imagine a spinning top given forward momentum that gradually veers to the right when spinning clockwise, with the amount veered based on the current speed it is spinning at.

    I have everything working as in the first paragraph, but I've tried numerous methods to get the object to drift without success. For Example:

    --> On LMB: Object | Apply Physics Force 10 toward (target.x, target.y) and Apply Physics Torque 50

    Sub Events:

    A)    Every Tick: Object | Move object.Physics.AngularVelocity at angle 0

    B)    Every Tick: Object | Apply Physics impulse (object.Physics.AngularVelocity,0)


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