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Physics in Isometric environment

  • Hey there

    I wonder if it's possible to workaround a system that physics within an isometric environment becomes possible.

    I'm currently working on a isometric project and there's nothing i love more in games than physics.

    With the current physics system, on an isometric view, the objects will fly over the whole screen.

    I was thinking about a solution to enable a kind of "height" on an object.

    So a lamp for example would fly further down before it hits the ground, than a chair which is already on the floor.

    But that would mean that the object will never move realisticly up,down or diagonal (depending from which angle you would hit it on an isometric world).

    It would still force the object to fall down, maybe on a "fake" invisible solid.

    Is there someone out there who has ever tried this before?

    It would be great to create ragdolls for enemies this way, or simply some wood boxes to smash around.

    Maybe even particles.

    Setting a kind of "height" would already help.

    But even more advanced physics would be freaking awesome.

  • Getting the physics behaviour to work for this would be pretty hard..

    Why not use the gravity in the bullet behaviour and/or the platform behaviour?

    Probably using y-sorting that would be completely possible..

  • Bullet gravity on normal objects or rag dolls?

    Really can't imagine how that could possibly work.

    Normal gravity on platform behaviour?

    That would still mean as noted above that they would fly to the bottom of the screen unless beint hold by a solid. But a solid would always interfare with other behaviors like bullets, enemie AI etc...

    And what do you mean with y-sorting?

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  • You are working in isometric, so I guessed y-sorting is something you already new..

    How are you able to determine which object is in front of another and which is in the back?

    So coming back to what I said above, there are ways to "fake" physics, although it will take a lot of conditions and a lot of tweaking..

    It will never be "perfect" and maybe not even close to your liking..

  • Yes i use y- sorting to place the objects in correct order behind each other. But i don't get how that could help for physic objects to not fall to the bottom of the screen.

    I may have to brainstorm a lot more to find a solution for my problem...

    But i'm really worried about the performance now.

    In my latest tests the game became already laggy with all the features i've implemented so far when spawning to much enemies.

    And "faking" isometric physics with that much required checks might drop down the fps to an all time low.

    But still, i want to give it a try.

    It's still my first project with construct 2 and i have yet to find the limits of the engine.

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