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Pathfinding: THE SEQUEL!

  • I have a Family that I created right after I bought the personal license. Prior to adding the (currently only) object to that family, that object, itself, had the Pathfinding behavior. However, I noticed now that the family (not just the object) the object is in had the Pathfinding behavior, as I intended. That is, the object alone no longer has the behavior. The curious thing is that the Pathfinding behavior in the properties bar and in the event sheets is labeled as Pathfinding2. I was curious as to why the 2 is there. Does it perhaps have anything to do with the fact that I added Pathfinding behavior to the family AFTER adding the object while the object, too, still had the same behavior?

  • All behavior names for objects must be unique. So, as your object had reserved name 'pathfinding' already, and you gave it another pathfinding behavior through the family, C2 had to name the behavior as 'pathfinding2'. So your object effectively has 2 pathfinding behaviors. :)

    If there was no renaming, you could not distinguish between the two behaviors. Like, if you did line like: 'Object.pathfinding.nodeat()', which path finding behavior would it refer to? The one on the family, or one on the object itself? :)

  • Now make DLC to it

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  • vee41 - That's what I thought. :) That's for the confirmation.

    @fassFlash - I'll get right on it. LOL

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