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old license and newer versions

  • Please I'm having issues with using my old license when I update my construct 2 version.or do I have to buy a new license?(I don't believe that should be the case). Also, is it me or construct2 is not backward compatible, I can't view programs developed with older versions n newe4 ones and vice versa.Please help!!!

  • You should direct any queries regarding your license to licensehelpscirra.com, but basically, when your license is installed that's it.

    You don't say whether you are licensed through Steam or via the traditional key-file.

    I placed my original key-file in the install directory of C2 a long, long time ago and have never had an issue.

    C2 is totally backward compatible. I can open (plugin dependent) any previous C2 program with the latest build.

  • Thanks, but I can't still view capx files from newer versions on my old version, j keep getting the prompt that the dilemmas created with newer of construct2 and I should update.

    And on an attempt to update all I get is a atrial version and my license doesn't work.

  • C2 isn't forwards compatible, which is what you are saying, as newer versions contain different/extra code, so opening a .capx from r139 in, for instance, C2 r132 wouldn't be possible.

    You still don't say how you are registered. Do you update via steam, or just download the latest - r139 - from this site.

  • i install directly from the site

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  • I'm still having the issue as i cannot still update my latest version of construct2. I saw this stufff on construct about using your hast number to get a steam number or so and then activating on steam, i was able to get the numeber using my license but i cant still find the activate product option, so presently im still using free edition of r139 as i cannot activate my license. I might just have to go back to the old r114 if i cannot import my license till im able to solve it o buy another.

  • Did you email Scirra?

  • Ok, Just did that. Would let you know the outcome. Thanks a lot

  • Good, because I update, every time a new version is upcomming, my construct 2 and I never got any problem ;)

  • Thanks a lot, I've sorted it out, I actually had a cracked license, my partner sent a wrong folder to me. But I've been able to get the license we paid for and I'm live now on r139. So happy

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