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Multiple events for a single or multiple button don't work.

  • <--- This is not working even though it should, and yes, I checked if the conditions were being met with the debugger, the turn variable is good. Additionally, it doesn't work for a single button either, I tried... I have time to 24 November 2016. Pretty tight, huh?


    Now the movement's not working because reasons.

  • The image doesn't cover the entire event. Can you screenshot the entire event with all the conditions & actions. But it will be better if you had a .capx .

    Based on your explanation & image. It's either the sprite or the action the one causing problem.

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  • Try the game on my profile "English Knowledge Game Menu" - don't ask about the name, please.

  • Artain - (Fixed .capx)

    I just moved the event (on the image) above the other event that cancels out the condition of the event on the image.

    Remember : The Event sheet is being read by the computer / cpu from up to down. So it is still possible to cancel a later condition if the above condition contradicts a later event.

    And also a little advice, it's very inefficient to move buttons around for different actions. It's a very bad practice, reminds me when i was still starting using C2.

    The most efficient way to use is either global or instance variable but i prefer instance variables in your case.

    I can show you if you want... But it's better if you self learn it:

    Here are the links to get you started:

    Event variables :

    Instance variables :

  • OK. Thanks I'll try to do otherwise in the future. ... This space feels kind of empty. Well, bye!

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