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Layout View problem about sprites

  • http://oi57.tinypic.com/axi96o.jpg

    As you can see, the original size of the picture is the bounding box selection. But it is resized (only visually), but not actually resized.

    When I run the layout, that same sprite is NOT VISIBLE and becomes SOLID BLACK (just the same size as the original sprite but solid black).

    How do I fix this?http://oi57.tinypic.com/axi96o.jpg

    The size of the sprite with the issue in the screenshot is 3498, 476.

    As you can see, the original size of the picture is the bounding box selection. But it is resized (only visually), but not actually resized.

    When I run the layout, that same sprite is NOT VISIBLE. It's as if the sprite wasn't there at all.

    I have NO EVENTS involving the sprite. It is just a background. I use other objects as floor, ceiling, walls (all with solid behavior).

    I already tried updating my graphics card driver and also clicking the "Make 1:1" size also doesn't work (since well, it is already 1:1 just not 1:1 visually in Layout View).

    I have other sprites (also as big in size as that in the picture or even bigger) having the same issue. Is this because of the size of the sprite?

    How do I fix this?

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  • Just a quick thought...

    Ashley has often stated that most graphic cards cannot handle images greater than 2046 x 2046. Have you tried resizing the actual image first before importing, or even within the Image Editor?

  • zenox98

    Well, I can't resize it. It would look distorted (pixels).

    So the best solution is to clone it (so it would result in 2 different objects) and crop them (1st object has 1st half of the image and 2nd object has 2nd half of the image) ?


    any thoughts on this?

  • Just try any image that isn't larger than 2046, even a placeholder image, just to see if that's the problem. It can't hurt anything, but it would at least give you an idea if that's where the problem may be.

  • zenox98

    Ok. So I tried both the cropping and resizing options in the image editor. It seems what you got from Ashley was exactly correct, as resizing or cropping to even just a pixel bigger (2047 x 476) would result to a "distorted" preview in layout view.

    So now that I have confirmed it, I would like to ask if this means it is just my computer (with current graphics card) that has this issue? If I upgrade/buy relatively better graphics card OR if I use another computer with a better graphics card, I would stop having this problem? I'm asking this because you mentioned graphics card. Or will this issue be changed in future versions of C2? Or what other solutions I can do (aside from what I mentioned before) ?

    I would really really like to avoid the method I thought of for solving this (cloning objects, duplicating animations and cropping each half for each object) because it would result to a hell lot bigger size. I have this problem for many background sprites.


    another problem


    The blue boxes' original image is just solid blue square. Why does it have those transparent spots in layout view? also due to graphics card? I used the blue object as ceiling/floor/wall because it has solid behavior. Even if I don't set their initial visibility to invisible (thru events or properties), those transparent spots don't show up in preview. They only show up in layout view.

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