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Issues loading game in FireFox within iframe

  • As soon as the iframe loads, the game just shows a black screen. If I navigate to another tab, then back, the game is then fine. Also, if you minimize the browser, then expand it back to focus, the game is fine. Also, also, i notice in the developer tools that there are two lines from the c2runtime stating, "[Construct 2] Suspending" and "[Consruct 2] Resuming" and once the resuming is present the game plays fine. The game plays fine in Construct 2 and only breaks on the web server while using the iframe. Truly stumped here. Thanks in advance.

  • did you find any solution for that ???

  • Basically, I found the issue, but technically.....no clue. I have an initial splash screen that lets you pick the game difficulty. On that screen I had a temporary text box that let me manually input the level of the game. Everything worked fine in the Construct debugger, but when I exported the game is when it broke. It would only show a black screen with the text box in the upper left corner. On a whim, I deleted the text box and exported again and every thing worked fine. Again, no idea why the text box would prevent the rest of the page to load, but there you go.

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  • Well thats strange ........

    and In my case there was two images that I had to rename in small letter to make the game work ............

    This was strange but it worked !!!!

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