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how to add javascripts functions to events

  • hello. i created an event that starts a game when user clicks an image

    i want to add a javascript function before that events (or, as the first command of the event) that makes an ajax request to the server about opening a new game, then waits for the server to reply the game_id, and then continue with the rest of the event.

    i come from the world of javascript and i have pretty good knowlagde of how things are done. (i just havn't found the feature in the construct2 editor...)

    and i want to do it without the need to start reading and understanding the entire generated construca code.

    little example of what i mean

    // pseado-code of how it is now

    "function (){

                game_id = null

                number_of_balls = 4

                gender = 'male'




    // as i want it to be

    "function (){

                $.post('/new_game',function(response) {

                            game_id = response.game_id

                            number_of_balls = 4

                            gender = 'male'

                            etc ...




    is there an easy way to do it?


  • Try using the AJAX object. Try to avoid thinking in code, it probably won't help much - Construct 2 can do most things you need to in events.

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  • i want to connect to a server that can save details on the user: score, badges, friends that he invites to the facebook game...

    how can i do this?

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