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How do I us Is Moving?

  • Hi there,

    I'm developing a game using the basic platform behavior. It's designed to be used on a mobile phone or tablet (touch controls). I have an event to constantly push the right button on platform behavior, so the player is always running.

    I want to change the colour of my player sprite when it's not moving (i.e. when it runs into a wall). I check the Is Moving condition, and if it's not moving then set the colour with an effect.

    This works fine when I run on my laptop with Chrome. However, when I test on my iPhone in Chrome or Safari (also tried saving to home screen), it doesn't detect when the player sprite stops moving. I tried changing the event to test when the speed=0 (should be the same thing as Not Is Moving), but that doesn't work either. I output the speed value to a text box, and it fluctuates when the player is supposed to be stopped (between 0 and a really low value).

    Does anybody have any idea why this would be?



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  • This doesn't work?

  • Works on my laptop in a normal browser, but not on my phone. I'm puzzled!

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