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How do I set building array + save into file

  • Hello guys.

    I'm working some time on a project and right now I get stuck. We figured out how to set building array bassed on sprite background (squares 10pX10p)and how to create simple object with the "core" square and another squares around.

    Here's my question - How to "save" this "builded module" into the array or into other thing as sprite etc.

    1st Phase is create the spaceship design. Than Save

    2nd Phase is put allowed modules onto the design

    3rd phase - save the setted spaceship into the "game" and let the game manipulate with it (In battle system, navigation - there is transition between layouts)

    This is not moveable sprite. Who want's to discuss something about it, feel free to write me.



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  • Any Array can be represented as a single string with the Array.AsJSON expression. You can save this string however you want - into a variable, dictionary, localstorage, another array, ect. You can then load it again with the Array Load action.

  • I will try do my best. In few days I will post my work. Now I have some major problem with layer visibility. :/

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