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How do I refine the jumping mechanics?

  • Hello, I'm working on a new game, it's basically a jumping character that must avoid obstacles and collect stuff. I added the Platform behavior on my character and everything is fine, but I can't fine tune my jumps! To be more specific: I want the jumping button to be more accurate, so that the character jumps faster (whenever I click on the Up-button, the character must jump, of course not before he's touching the ground). My problem now is, when my character touches the ground, I fast click on the button, but sometimes he doesn't jump.

    Please help me

  • Would it be possible to have a screen shot of your code for the jump section please? I only ask as there are literally a dozen ways in which you can make a character jump in construct 2 and it would make it easier to see if your question can be answered.

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  • I don't know, maybe you clicked too fast before it touched the ground?

    Post a capx would be great

  • Sorry everybody, I figured out what was the problem! It was an animation of the character who caused the conflict. When I disabled it, now the character jumps fluidly!


  • Good to hear its all working, as a quick tip, ( not sure if your already doing this ) I would block out your entire game, using simple shapes that change colour to denote change in animation. It helps you get all your code working first and that way if you add animation later in the dev cycle and it stops working its a good chance its that and not your code again sorry if your already doing this don't want to sound patronizing lol.

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