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How do I pull array data every x second?

  • Hi, first time posting here.

    I'm creating kind of a rhythm game. but it's not synced to any music so i'd like to use every x second condition

    what i want to do is:

    1. create an array that stores series of values(i.e. red, blue, red, red, blue, red, blue, blue...)

    2. every x second, take an array data

    3. create an object(with a bullet behavior) according to the array data

    so that every x second, a proper object shows up and moves across the screen in the order of array data.

    i'm thinking that using "every x second" as a main condition and pulling out array data in turn as main action, then as a sub condition, according to the array data and create object as sub action...

    am i approaching correctly?

    hope i'm explaining myself clear..

    thank you in advance!!

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