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How do I export to Blackberry?

  • Hi guys,

    So I followed the following tutorial and installing on windows 7 64bit -

    I get to the part where I click on "Click here to install code signing keys"

    I fill in all the details and click 'install', but get told 'Cannot find WebWorks SDK here'

    I have tried

    'C:\Program Files\BlackBerry\BB10 WebWorks SDK\'


    'C:\Users[USER]\AppData\Local\Research In Motion\'

    Is the tutorial out of date?

  • So I did a bit more digging and I found this ->

    This is also out of date. When I did the signing it told me to go here.

    C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK <version>\dependencies\tools\bin

    Whereas the new location is here.

    C:\Program Files\BlackBerry\BB10 WebWorks SDK\cordova-blackberry\bin\dependencies\bb-tools\bin

    I managed to do the signing via command line. So assumed I could now skip the "Click here to install code signing keys" part. However, I still need the WebWorks install path to export.

    I'm pretty frustrated right now :/

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  • ok, so I found the solution eventually here >

    Basically the export to blackberry option is outdated and what you really need to do is export a HTML5 build.

    Ashley It would be nice if the how to build x tutorials were updated so others don't waste time. FYI I also followed the building a windows phone 8 app tutorial which referred a link to "Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Phone 8" at this link . Where it should refer to 'Windows Phone 8.1 development tools' at this link 'http://dev.windowsphone.com/en-us/downloadsdk'

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