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How do I Create Square sprites in "grid" that don't overlap?

  • HELLO ALL! :]]

    Im making a platformed in which active objects will make up walls.

    When I place the 16 x 16 square sprites next to each other at a distance of 16, (leaving exactly 0x and 0y space between them) Construct claim that they (the sprites that are square) overlap.

    How can I make something that works like: a "grid" of 16x16 sprites with collision-boxes at 0,0|0,16|16,0|16,16. that are not overlapping each other?

    I want to make the player able to move the sprites, so as to (for example) clear a path for walking through with a 16x16 player, while still making the sprites look as though they are positioned exactly side by side.

    This is a cap demonstrating the overlap. Ideally the sprites shouldn't overlap.

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