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How do I allow 2 player multiple input using car direction

  • Hi, I have set up 2 players, each using car direction as directional control input. 1 player uses w,a,d and g to fire. The other uses arrows plus ./del to fire. When both players are flying, and use several keys at once, there seems to be a limit in how much keyboard input can be recevied, and often the planes won't shoot, or move, until the other player uses less keys. COudn't find anything on this topic, so grateful if anyone knows how to fix. Awesome software.


  • Physical keyboards often have a limitation on the amount of certain keys that can or cannot be pressed at the same time.


    As for fix... you can test and try for a combination of keys that do work, but there is no guarantee that it will work on another keyboard. As the Wikipedia article mentioned in the game Starcon, there was a system where the game tested for conflicting keys as you configured the controls, but that would be a pain to implement I think...

    You can plug in an extra usb keyboard, that should solve the issue. Or otherwise use separate input types for each player such as mouse or gamepads.

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  • Thanks ooyrag .. I followed your advice and changed fire and forward to mouse buttons. Works a treat. Thanks!! My nephew loves it now!

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