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  • hello friends

    i have a problem with c2 and i need help too

    now i'm almost done with my new game but i knew that Intel xdk don't help converting files to apk anymore which was the easiest way so what should i do now ?

    second i don't know how to put ads to let me earn even with the free game any tutorial available ?

    thanks in advance

  • I would recommend you to use PhoneGap now that Intel XDK doesn't build apps anymore. Firstly, export to cordova. Open your project in the XDK, add any Plugins you need, update icons, app version code etc... and let Intel XDK create a zip file containing all the files you need in order to build with PhoneGap. Create an account at PhoneGap Build website, upload your zip file and build your app.

    About ads, if you are planning to export to mobile, you can use the official AdMob Plugin, which performs very bad, but at least it works and is pretty easy to use. You can read the manual https://www.scirra.com/manual/184/admob and you will need an AdMob account linked to a Google AdSense account.


  • ChesVCF is there a working alternative to the official AdMob plugin?

  • dop2000 Sure there is, but I haven't found any free alternative yet. I recently purchased cranberrygame's cordova Plugins (which is a package with many many Plugins) and I tried to use his AdMob Plugin, but I didn't got it working and I wasn't able to find any tutorial.

  • You should ask for a refund then

    Could you update this thread please if you manage to get it working or find a better one?

  • dop2000 Of course! If I find out anything, I will post it here. Could you also update this thread if you find a better solution, and tag me () so that I can see it?

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  • ChesVCF about building app thanks for suggestion i will try it but about ads i wanted to make it under conditions which are

    making ads only play when player gets game over or fails as a choice to get extra life or time in return not letting ads appear every second i see people on stores complaining and hate that and yes it is annoying

  • semaso

    Yes, I understand. What you are looking for are interstitials (ads that cover the entire screen) which produce significantly more revenue than banner ads (which cover only the bottom/top of the screen), but still very little revenue in comparison to video ads or interstitial ads that weren't implemented in C2, which makes them perform badly.

    Your event sheet should look like this:

    [quote:2td9ik59]On game over -> (AdMob) Preload interstitial

    (AdMob) On interstitial received -> (AdMob) Show interstitial

    Problem is, C2 games load very very slowly AdMob ads (3-5 seconds with perfect internet connection, way more with bad internet connection) so I would suggest to preload your interstitial ad on start of the game (On start of Layout) and trigger the ad on end of the game.

    NOTE: You also mentioned something about rewarding users for watching an ad. AdMob rewarded ads would be the best solution, but official AdMob Plugin doesn't support this feature.

  • thank you very much ChesVCF

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