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How do I

  • hello friends

    i have a question please

    i'm making a puzzle game for kids

    what i want to know is :

    when the kid choose any random puzzle to play how i can set every piece in this puzzle to be put in it's right place or it make another option like losing life or go back to it's place

    ( i mean that i don't know which puzzle will be chosen to be played so how to set them all previously ? )

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  • You would have to find a way to identify the current puzzle with a global variable eg Global variable = currentPuzzle then in Start Layout assigns currentPuzzle = choose (0,1,2,3, n) then another global variable previousPlayedPuzzle = 0 in Start LAyout y When you make the choose of currentPuzzle you place previousPlayedPuzzle = currentPuzzle and leave it saved so that in some way when starting over is not the same puzzle

    More graphical:

    Define Globals:

    currentPuzzle = 0


    On Start Layout

    currentPuzzle = 1 or currenPuzzle = choose(0,1,2,n)

    previousPuzzlePlayed = 1

    Suppose you win the puzzle:

    currentPuzzle = 2

    previousPuzzlePlayed = 1

    Restart Layout

    Suppose you lose the puzzle:

    currentPuzzle = 1

    previousPuzzlePlayed = 1

    Restart Layout

    Hope this helps

  • UlisesFreitas thanks i will try this

    i meant that i don't want to set every puzzle piece in each puzzle manually by my hands

    i wanted every piece to know its logic place whatever the kid any puzzle even he keep playing same puzzle more and more

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