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Has anyone tried using Vungle with Construct 2?

  • I'm working on a project for a client using Construct 2, and he wants Vungle ads incorporated into his game. I'm not too familiar with CocoonJS or anything like that so I'm a just kind of fumbling around in the dark here.

    If anyone could point me in the direction of some information or a tutorial or something that could help me get Vungle ads into my game, I'd appreciate it. I'd equally appreciate being told if it's not possible


  • Bump - anyone? !

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  • Hey Zhon,

    How have you been?

    My name is Tim Huang and I am a Publisher Relations Manager with Vungle.

    I had just interface with our Tech Support Team about this issue and we are not familiar with Construct 2; We don't have anything in-house as well. I would recommend asking CocoonJS if they have made a plugin compatible with Vungle. ()

    Feel free to contact me at my work email - - and we can continue this convo if you need further assistance.



  • Hey Zhon,

    Apparently I can't post URLs at the moment. Can you email me at (tim huang vungle . c o m) There are no spaces and I just did that to ensure that my email was posted there.

    Look forward to your email!



  • Vungle doesn't support HTML5/javascript.

    There no vungle plugin for Phonegap.

    Why? Because Vungle sucks. You should find another alternative.

  • Zhon Hi,

    I just saw this post. Yes there is a Vungle plugin made by Cranberrygame and it works just fine. Check out the Google plus community and contact with Sang who is doing all the great plugins for Intel XDK. He will help you.

    His email is:

    Also you can check out my game I created with construct2 and has Vungle implemented.

    Hope I can be helpful.

    Happy Developing

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