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Freaking with physics

  • So I made an attempt at some ragdoll like thing which is suposed to fight.

    Its poor excuse for a fighter, with the arrow keys you can barely keep him standing, ..   spacebar executes a poor attempt at a kick.

    current web version


    Im fairly new to the whole physics movements, I get the gist of it, just not how to control it efficiently. I'm looking for ways and methods to do little controlled movements of the limbs with physics, mimicking human behaviour. (walking etc)

    I have tried lots of things alread and searched the forums, but nothing was really what I wanted or needed ... so I figured I ask here for some insight :)

  • From my little experience with phisics its realy hard to do entierly with phisics.

    so i sugest you use animation insted of physics or a mix of both

    for insted if you push "space bar" animate "attack-1"

    also have a look at the platform behivour tutorial the part of the animation

  • Thanks for the suggestion :)

    I've been trying some animation activity, but it doesnt mix well with physics, at least for what I tried. (angles and rotation)

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  • Thanks for the suggestion :)

    I've been trying some animation activity, but it doesnt mix well with physics, at least for what I tried. (angles and rotation)

    could you uplod a capx with animation so i see if i could help

  • I would just experiment with sprite anims and collision instead of creating a character with realistic working limb physics etc

  • tnindie

    Sure, I'll have to recreate some for that, I had spent all day trying attempt with different ways, current top post capx file is all the leftovers reduced and stripped of near all the none satisfying attempt events (disableds) lol

    the problem I ran into at first was:

    I disable rotation on certain limbs temporarily, and instantly that muppet pops to the floor :(

    And I need to disable rotation in order to be allowed to rotate given parts, if not, my muppet becomes somewhat of an onorthodox athlete >_>

    or completely vanishes on me :

    I had some really wonky effects, one is, with the current web version, if you move all the way back and in the air a bit, one of the feet gets stuk in the layout border :\ god knows why lol

    the other is when I enable prevent rotation while stuff is moving, all the parts suddnly vanish xD weird

    I suspect my entire approach and desired goal is somewhat scaling the borders of delusional sanity :)

  • plinkie

    this was not an effort to create an actuall game, but its freaking with physics hehe

    I'd like to test whats possible, and sometimes have an idea and go for it :)   if it doesnt work, it doesnt and on with the next show hehe, otherwise, it might be usefull ^_^

    I'm kinda of an anti-game-designer, I want something that works and looks kewl, then make some us for it =>

  • ah I see. if it's for prototyping etc then good luck!

  • ah I see. if it's for prototyping etc then good luck!

    Exactly ^_^

    And from what I saw from other ragdolls, mine was already coming a long way haha

    i got a bunch of these experiments, got this 3d thing running to in, its in the other thread "virtual attempt", made a bit of code, and spun out of hand rofl

    something like this could obviously too :)

  • you can't actually do much with ragdol physics. The purpose of a ragdoll is to move, fall and throw to have ragdoll limb flailing effect.

    Games that use the same model have a rig attached to them to controll when it's ragdoll more or controll mode. C2 has no built in rigging for physics so you really can't make a classic style game. but you certainly can make ragdoll games :D

  • entirely physics based character animation is something that has yet to be accomplished in games apart from in the masterpieces that are Sumotori dreams and QWOP

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