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Fashion Design

  • Hello ,

    if i want to make a fashion design game and i have a dress which is outlined with dotted line plus scissors is it possible to make scissors follow the dotted line pass " as if it is cutting " starting from a start point to the same point and how ? and how to make score for following the right path and subtract from it for following the wrong path ( the dotted line ) ?

    P.S : please if you know answer if you don't then don't tell me check tutorials .

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  • if you know answer if you don't then don't tell me check tutorials .

    I got lost here, so I had to rewrite that into algorythm:

    // if you know answer
    if ( isAnswerKnown === true )
       // if you don't
       if( isAnswerKnown === false )
          // dont tell me check tutorials
          echo ':X';
       } else {
          // well I am here, but there are no functions to trigger :(
     ... ok that was a joke... and regarding your question. There is no built-in functionality to make an object move along the custom path. I think all you can do is to use some invisible sprites, put them on the "corners" of your dotted line and then use "Move forward" and "Move at angle" functions for your scissors.... or use some clever math!
  • BackendFreak this was helpfull , thanks very much

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