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Facing some problems with Multiplayer sync

  • Hello everyone ^^

    I'm making a multiplayer game. I read the four standard tutorials about it and learned a lot from them - kudos to the person who made it :3

    Here's my problem: I run the game, it asks me for the alias and enter the "arena" waiting for a player join the room.

    Observation: I want it to be an online game, so I will rent a server to run it. Thinking about it, the host woldn't have a character, since it shouldn't be a random AI just wandering on the game.

    When a peer join the room, a character is created to the host in the corner of the layout - it should be at random, and was working without the multiplayer interaction -, the name of the character is displayed only for the host and the behaviors that should be activated, are not. The character is also created to the peer, but on the same corner of the host with a difference: the other objects of the container are not created and the character sprite keeps flashing really fast, with the speed of a thousand Barry Allens, and don't have its behaviors activated. Also, the "bullets" that are created when player shoots don't flash, besides they bullet behavior are disabled as well.

    Here's my eventsheet:

    I think the forum doesn't like google drive images nor imgur, so if you can't see them, here they are ^^:

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  • Bump of despair ;-;

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