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Appmobi issue? R90

  • I just downloaded r90 today and exported a project. Also installed the latest version of appmobi's xdk on chrome, and their directcanvas sdk.

    Tested on the Mac (also on pc), using appmobi browser simulator. Their sample do work, but Construct's exported do not work.

    I think the problem is that the exported index.html references a _appmobi/appmobi.js which do not exist on appmobi's sdk, even the other ones not specific to directcanvas. Only xhr.js exists on the sdk.

    Instead, their sample has a appmobi/appmobi_shim.js, so I copied it and modified the exported project to use it, but it still does not work, only does something partially (sound starts and the screen now is black, but nothing else).

    Where can I get the missing _appmobi/appmobi.js ? or do I have to use the appmobi build? I think it is probably going to fail too.

  • This post should really be posted under the bugs section here. However, I'm sure this bug will be fixed in a later version. In the meantime, why not download the newest secure version here? This is probably a lot easier to work in rather than Construct 2 going crazy every time you try to do work! Also, next time could you upload your project so that I can pin point your problem? It might not be Construct 2 's fault.

  • C2 Help, you linked to an old build, the latest is r90. Also it's not necessarily a bug.

    @jdforce - can you check for browser errors when your C2 app is not working and let me know if any errors come up?

  • Ashley, no I did not. I mean't to do that because it works fine in r89. Also, I said that it might not be a bug. Please read my posts carefully.

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  •     This post should really be posted under the bugs section here. However, I'm sure this bug will be fixed in a later version.

    @C2 Help: We did read it carefully. Did you carefully wrote it ?

  • Sorry for late answer. I will be testing this tomorrow, but anyway, as I said, the index.html file exported from construct references the mentioned appmobi.js which do not exists. So I think the first error will be the missing file...

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