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When Is the Project Large?

  • Hey, all. Just wanted some thoughts. C2 offers to tasty ways to save projects: single or folders. Wanted to know when you think a project is too large to be a single file. Most games will have sound, music, etc. Couple of MEGS or even tens of MEGS?

    Just picking some minds.


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  • my project weight 50 mb and its only capx file :)

  • I think what you need to wonder, regarding HTML5 games is the ratio quality/size.

    A crappy 300 Mo game is a bad idea.

    A crappy 1 Mo game is still crap, but downloading 1 Mo is faster than downloading 300 Mo.

    You have to consider not everyone can download 100 Mo/sec in the world.

    So I'd say keeping the ressources the lower possible, but making them count (nice, meaningful graphics/music. Not just rips off for the sake of it).

    As I said, I have a slow connexion (about 60 ko/sec in dld generaly). So if I have to download a big file, it will HAVE to be awesome, or else I'll make it some bad mouth to ear.

    I'll be more flexible with a 1 to 5 Mo file.

  • ou have to consider not everyone can download 100 Mo/sec in the world.

    If cloud /browser based gaming is to take off then people will have to submit to fast broadband speeds otherwise it will all be a complete faliure.

  • If cloud /browser based gaming is to take off then people will have to submit to fast broadband speeds otherwise it will all be a complete faliure.

    It is not always possible to suscribe to such providers. I live in the country-side, with old telephone lines, and my current bandwith is the best I can get for now.

    Internet can't go faster than its physical/technical structure.

  • The bigger your game is the less people will play it as a general rule of thumb. It's important to keep your game as accessible as possible which means trying to keep the file size down.

    Broadband speeds worldwide are improving so this will be less of an issue over time (probably looking at long term though!)

    Biggest culprits for a large game are of course big images and audio files.

  • As everyone says big games mean lost plays from the many people on slow connections (don't assume everyone has super fast broadband).

    However, if you're wondering simply about single file vs. folder, when saving and loading Construct 2 shows "Compressing CAPX" or "Decompressing CAPX" in the status bar when it's packing or unpacking the .capx. If that appears for a few seconds every time you hit save, try saving to a project folder - since it skips that step saves should be a lot faster.

  • All, thank you for your input. Ashley, thank you for the comparison between the single file and the folder. Good to know because if I want family to test the game for me locally, I have a good idea how to two formats of the game work.

  • Are there any useful ways to split huge projects somehow so it would downloads parts and not the whole thing?

  • l33twash0r: a quick solution is to create several projects, with everyone of them containing only one part of the whole game. You then export them in different folders. By using the CallJS plugin, or Browser plugin, you then set some rules to go to another URL when a condition is met (leaving a world, passing a door...). Of course, that new URL is the one going to another exported part of your game.

    You perhaps need to change the logo.png in each of those directories with a picture or something explaining to the user he isn't leaving the game, just going in another part of it.

  • Buried somewhere in the depths of my todo list is a custom layout as a loading screen, and the ability to start the game when the *first* layout only is ready - so you can be downloading the rest of the game while playing level 1. It's some way off though.

  • yummy...

  • Please hire someone else, Ashley XD

  • Ashley

    That is an amazing idea. I have no doubt you can get it to work. There was a company called instant action that tried to do the same thing. It is no longer in business.

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