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Sub Events Question

  • Do sub-events always run in serial (top-down) and wait for each other to finish in the same order?

    i.e, do bottom sub-event wait for top sub-event to finish


    main even( condition1 )

    sub-event1( condition 1.1 )

    sub-event2( condition 1.2 )

    sub-event3( no-condition - only action)

    if sub-event2 condition is met and its actions are CPU hungry, will sub-event3 run before sub-event2 finishes or wait for it?

  • Events are read vertically from top to bottom, every frame. An event isn't checked until it finishes checking previous events.

    So subevent 3 will be checked after subevent 2.

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  • I beg to differ. Sorry for bumping this not-so-old topic, but I see everywhere people saying that sub-events are run one after the other, which appears to be wrong. And I wish it'd be true, otherwise I wouldn't have all those problems...

    So far in my experience, sub-events will run one after the other only if every sub-event is a sub-event to the previous one. It won't work if they are all sub-events of one main event. And that's hard to deal with when using loops. The attached .capx file shows what I mean.

    If anyone knows how to overcome that, I'm all ears.

  • okay Kan you've got me thoroughly confused now.. Somebody come along and explain this please?

  • Kan

    The issue you are having has to do with C2s inability to pick objects in a sub-event immediately after creation. It isn't a sub-event issue in general, only in this specific case. The behaviour is (unfortunately) expected, had had been discussed many times on the forum. Event 4 is being run sequentially, the Sprite object just can not be picked yet.

  • Is there also such an exception with the 'Wait' action?

  • Wait IS asynchronous. Wait takes all actions below it AND its sub-events and calls them after the time has expired. Event 3 is not in the Wait scope so it will get called immediately (in this case, immediately after the 1 second wait, overriding anim2). The last Wait call in event 2 does nothing.

  • Alright, thanks. I'm happy now I know those two things.

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