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Spriter/C2 (11/22, test c3 addon) 4/5 bug fix

  • Yep, fixed everything though I use a much more verbose version to account for a lot of stuff. Thanks.

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  • lucid

    Updated to Spriter V3, saved and imported a file into my project but the spriter object is not showing once exported with NW.js. But when previewed with NW.js it runs fine, the spriter object shows. All other spriter objects that have been imported before using spriterV3 are fine in preview and after export. I should mention that the spriter object in question was tested with the platformer template and NW.js export and the spriter showed up fine.

    I wondering if you have any ideas what might cause this to happen? Any ideas would be great. Thanks in advance!

  • Hello MelVin, installing a new version of Spriter shouldn't reset your settings, but it sounds like your save options may not be set (as shown below). If resaving and reimporting the scon file doesn't fix the problem, please send me the relevant files I need to recreate the issue to and I'll take a look.

  • Lucid

    Thanks for the quick reply, I'm going to spend today taking the project apart. I'm sure it's not a spriter bug since the spriter in question does work in other projects, but I'm not sure what is causing it. If I can't solve it today I will PM you. Thanks for offering to help again.

  • lucid any idea why the new version is hiding parts of my character.

  • [soved] apparently I have to init the character on each scene regardless of it being "global for some reason"

  • lucid

    Problem solved. the include for the "animation" event sheet was not working properly for some reason. All the other spriters were working though. Regardless, once I removed and re-added it everything started to working properly again. thanks

  • While this may not be Construct 2 related, it would be nice if future updates would bring an ability to create virtual folders in the available character maps section in Spriter for easier categorizing and selection.

    I admit to using a lot of character maps to represent animation of different hairstyle, skin color, body wear, leg wear and a few others.

  • > Help: the sound I added in Spriter doesn't play in Construct 2. I have the latest version of everything installed.


    Since there are so many options for how to play sound in C2, the importer doesn't automatically add the events you need. Here's the most basic setup:

    > lucid

    > Any idea what am I doing wrong here ? Or is a Spriter bug ?

    > The parts applied from the Character Map are not aligned correctly



    Spriter lets you set default pivot points on images that you can use in your animations. The advantage of this is say your character map had a character wearing a long pointy hat as part of the head image. Then you can set a different pivot point for the head, and your character map will align. If you look at the file palette, you can see your images in the folder and you can double click to edit the default pivot point. You can also copy and paste the default pivots from the original files using these buttons:

    For now, you have to copy each pivot individually, but there will be a shortcut in the future that let's you copy the pivots for the entire folder for files with the same names.

    lucid I can't seem to figure how to make the sound events work in C2, I did the same as you did in your image.

  • josiascaignard if possible could you send me the non-sound playing capx at , so I can take a look, I should be able to see if it's a bug or help you out if it was a missing step.

    Sethmaster we're hoping to add that type of functionality to several parts of Spriter for organizational purposes, but I don't have an ETA for any of this just yet.

  • lucid I can't seem to figure how to make the sound events work in C2, I did the same as you did in your image.

    josiascaignard if possible could you send me the non-sound playing capx at , so I can take a look, I should be able to see if it's a bug or help you out if it was a missing step.

    I think i found the issue. ExampleScml.triggeredSound returns the full path of the sound (for example "Sounds/ExampleSound"), but folder is already specified in the play-by-name function (Folder: Sounds/Music). Construct will therefore look for "Sounds/Sounds/ExampleSound" instead of "Sounds/ExampleSound".

    What worked for me was to use ExampleScml.triggeredSoundTag as the audio file name, as this instead only returns "ExampleSound" and the final destination will be "Sounds/ExampleSound".

  • Thank you Toroquin. I'll look into this. I wonder if a recent C2 change caused this, as sounds were definitely working at one point.

  • lucid - I figured out how to apply effects to individual instances. On created, I set the specific ID of sprites to the overall UID of the particular instance. Then I apply the effect to the sprites individually (instead of to the entire family which affects every instance). Anyway, I figured that I would share this!

  • Thanks for the info, PSI

  • lucid im having a strange issue. For some reason i can import my Spriter files into C2 by dragging them in anymore. When i try all i get is the windows(sorry dont know how to best explain this next part) icon that is a circle with one of these / in it. its the icon for not allowed or cant do operation.

    im using Construct 201 Spriter pro R3 and the latest plugin. i've imported files before so i dont know what it could be. i've tried resaving both of the exported Smcl and scon files, resetting defaults in C2, and downloading the spriter plugin again. I just cant think of fix

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