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  • Here it is few thing that I'd really like to see:

    • Snap to objects: just like the snap to grid but this one allows you to snap an object to another.
    • Object Alignment: a series of buttons that allows to move an object (or a wrap selection) to: top-left, top, top-right, left, middle, right, bottom-left, bottom, bottom-right.

    If this also provides a combo to choose if based on the whole layout area or just the visible window area (good for UIs), would be perfect.

    • Image Points -> Apply to Current Folder: like for whole animations, but just for the folder where is contained the current one.
    • Edit Speed, Loop, Repeat Count, Repeat to ad Ping Pong: it would be nice if it's possible to edit all those data of all the animations inside a folder by clicking the folder itself.
    • Selectiona alignment: like for the object alignment but for the image editor, in order to move the selected area to: top-left, top, top-right, left, middle, right, bottom-left, bottom, bottom-right.
    • For Each (Any) and For Each (Any - sorted): a for each that loop around every object of the layout. This would be useful to sort every object on Z axis for example, especially if you have several families, so you can avoid some cycle.
    • ImagePointIndexOf(imagePointName): a function that allows to pick an image point id by it's name. Very useful if you have different amount of image point on different animations and you need to pick a specific one.

    I hope you might consider this suggestion, thanks and keep up the good work <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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