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Questions about Construct 2 networking

  • Hi, I have a couple of questions about Construct 2 networking.

    1. Anyone know the status on WebRTC?

    2. When WebRTC is done and standardized, anyone know how long it'll take before a corresponding C2-plugin appears?

    3. What's the technical reason why WebSocket can't be used to construct a C2-based server? Are incoming WebSocket-handshakes blocked?

    4. Since you need to code an actual server for WebSocket use, what's the easiest method of building such a server for a person with no prior programming experience? Would it be possible to code a WebSocket-server using, for instance, a different game development toolkit instead of having to use, say, socket.io?

    Thanks a lot in advance. :-)

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  • bolosaur

    1. The Wikipedia entry on WebRTC keeps up to date with its current status e.g. "Mozilla hope to give a useful implementation with Firefox 17 in January 2013".

    2. Implementation of a WebRTC C2 plugin simply depends on anyone who has the necessary expertise (and time!) choosing to develop it.

    3. WebSocket servers for C2 client games have been developed, using socket.io. Do a Forum search for 'multiplayer'.

    4. Building such a server for a person with no prior programming experience would be an impossible task, IMO. One path to coding a WebSocket server using a different game development toolkit is via Photon. But it still needs JavaScript programming skills. See my contributions to this thread.

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