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my unsuccessful Android Game Google play

  • I bought this game capx and modified it and changed full graphics I spent total 50 dollars on it including advertising in Google play in the first days I earned 80 dollars and got many downloads and thn I Stopped my game advertisement and after few days I lost downloads I mean too many uninstalls everything freezed got 1 star that mean what you earn from your game you should spend back wow...

    Please download the game from Google play and see what's going wrong with my game

    Who has games on Google play give me links I will rate from my 3 accounts thanks...

    Take A Look At My Android Game

  • You say you earned 80 dollars in the first days for a free app, with just some hundred downloads.

    How did you do that? Sounds AMAZING!

  • With some cheating with downloaders maybey...

    But you must spend money on advertisement to get many downloads of your game if play my game you will see a button calls refresh if you click that button towtime you will see advertisements that is my cheat

    Actually I'm working on another game like sonic dash isometric game because I have some great experience in 3d modelling I'll make some 3d illusion

  • You and your friend downloaded your own game and pressed a butten in the game to update the ad continuosly?

    I guess you will be kicked out from the ad network in that case.

  • No I know better thn you Google knows where click or ads showing from even my friend didn't download my games

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  • Don't you think I earned 1 or 2 per day not 80 per day this 80 dollars are all in the past 2 months this is why I post here my unsuccessful game because no more money is coming and we can't do it our self Google catch locations and because of this i can't give my games to my friends

  • And I can't withdraw this money because there is payment threshold you need to complete now this all is useless

  • I'm very surprised you made that much from Ad revenue, i've had stuff on the Android store with in game ads under ADmob/MoPub and made under $5 with thousands of AD impressions.

    [quote:10wawfux]Please download the game from Google play and see what's going wrong with my game

    I hope you're genuinely asking for honest feedback, because it's going to sound pretty harsh if not...

    Comparing it to the other games similar on Google play, I would say it's the style of game itself. These do not seem to be very popular unless they have a very cartoony and "fun" style.

    As for individual features, well, the graphics : they look very unpolished and done in a hurry. If you compare your version of Colour Match to another version available, (I looked at this : ) and then compare the number of downloads across similar titles, they all seem to be around the 100-500 mark, regardless of charging and how nice they look.

    it works okay, I didn't have any crashes and it's pretty fun to play but it's massively let down by the visuals.

    Compare it to one of these style of games that's successful -

    If we call this a success, there is only around 350,000 downloads and they will have had a massive budget for art and development.

    So it looks like this style of match game isn't really that popular on android, even if it is free to play.

    It doesn't matter how much advertising you have or how good your game is, if it doesn't look good in the screen shots nobody will download to try it.

    Anyway, that's my honest feedback. I hope that's what you were looking for

  • Matttonkinson..

    Thank you for this perfect feedback maybe i will change the graphics and polish it nicely...

  • And You are right I Made these graphics in 20 minutes

  • Iftikhar555 , hey, bro

    I will spend my first 100 dollars for my best game of my 6 games on google advertising.

    may you tell me how money I will earn money back, just imagine.?

    and ofcours I will make advertising back when i got more money what do you think.?

    I use both banner ads and full screen ads

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