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Mobile pain ! , Why is scirra ignoring ?

  • Publish games to mobile platform like iOS , Android & Windows is still a big pain because not many essential features listed below are not supported which really makes your game inferior to other and doesn't have a chance to hit or even to set a level field in very crowded competitive market.

    Features like ,

                Social integration support (facebook, twitter) - make ur game go viral and drive organic traffic

                GameCenter / Open Feint leaderboard/achievements - This has become very vital for gamers to keep playing ur game.

                 In-app purchases - the only hope u can make money out of games in a non-invasive way nowadays except Ads which is very invasive.

    Currently there is only one platform, CocoonJS which i can trust some how to get the games ported. Even though they provide lot of the above features ,

    Scirra hasn't implemented much of them in the CocoonJS plugin, while the CocoonJS platform has exposed most based on their demo programs,

    Even some of them implemented doesn't seem to work nor there is no documentation for how to setup or make it work like the in-app purchases and any question asked about it doesn't seem to get a proper reply or mostly ignored.

    I feel Scirra's focus is expanding to other platforms in recent releases rather than focusing on a single popular platform like mobile and provide it with a complete set of minimum features for the platform to be competitive compared to other platforms.

    I hope they understand the need and address the concerns and hoping others also have the same feeling and can vouch for it.

    I know few people develop games as an hobby and i also believe that there are others who like to make some money as part of their hobby given amount of quality time they spent on developing the games.

  • until we get an opensource platform like something like a node webkit for mobile, bring dependent on commercial 3rd party systems is not the ideal.

  • Scirra has One (1) (I) programmer making the entire Construct 2. The best you can do is wait patiently or encourage your friends to buy the software so that Ashley can afford to hire more programmers.

  • This is just seems to be an excuse i keep hearing again and again , serious developers will simply move to different tool/platform if nothing is done about it.

  • I feel Scirra's focus is expanding to other platforms in recent releases rather than focusing on a single popular platform like mobile and provide it with a complete set of minimum features for the platform to be competitive compared to other platforms."

    I am very excited that this tool is not continually being developed only for mobile.

    While I respect your desire for mobile development, personally I have little to no interest in it.

    Anyhow, recently construct has made its way on steam and I am sure that with the heavy development schedule that Ashley has along with maintaining and working with steam the future seems even brighter for construct. The list of things to do is huge and things are getting worked on and completed as they can be. Having one programmer working on a project like this is not an excuse, its a reality.

    I am interested in hearing what magical tool/platform serious developers will move to without going to straight coding, which we already have the option for with the javascript development kit.

  • Twinsonian Little Big Adventure!

  • We're limited by the third party wrappers we use (CocoonJS & directCanvas). Neither currently supports Game Center, although I think Ludei have plans for it. But the ball's in their court. The same goes for ads and IAP. We have implemented CocoonJS's IAP functions, but I'm not sure they've totally finished it, because it's not clear from their site how to use it. ludei - can you comment? Other features like the Facebook object are tricky to implement because they use a different API to the one used in browsers, which means we have to rewrite the whole object.

    Where we have the ability to develop solutions entirely ourselves, we've got better options - like on Windows 8, which integrates IAP pretty well AFAIK. So we're aware it's important, but it's not always possible for us to solve it completely by ourselves.

  • It's really up to Ludei, sometimes they are too late to answer our questions.

    We are still unaware how they would introduce full support and release pricing in end of Q1. I was hoping they should give 100% support like desktop web browser do.

  • Look at this topic scirra.com/forum/topic61973.html Here below is the Ludei's reply,

    "Construct guys are doing a great job integrating our extensions in their platform. You will have to wait until wither them or someone else creates a plugin. In the next version of CocoonJS we will be adding improved APIs for social and social gaming extensions with support for Twitter, Facebook and Game Center.

    Another option you have is to integrate them yourself in the exported js file but I think this could be REALLY complicated."

    Looks like we are going in circles , seems like Ludei is asking us to wait for Scirra to implement and now Scirra is pointing back to them , I think Ashley and Ludei needs to get together and provide a better clarification on this for atleast the implemented object action like In-App Purchases related ?

    I would think if the Ludei demos are working , i would expect the same to be implemented via CocoonJS Objects in C2 like other functions like "Rate the game", "Facebook", "WebView" which are really crucial. Isn't that it's just matter of calling the Ludei exposed functions with the corresponding events in C2 ? This is where the disconnect are where we are all wondering when the demos are working , why not work through C2 ?

  • Ludei said "In the next version of CocoonJS we will be adding improved APIs for social and social gaming extensions with support for Twitter, Facebook and Game Center."

    I guess Scirra is waiting for this before to update API

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  • Ashley , Are you really waiting ?

    Also, when the ludei demos are working , why not work through C2 ?

  • I would suggest in the mean time to use Clay.io. it's got the social, IAP, achievement support. I've also added the requested for sync data where data on the go will be synced online when given the opporunity. I didn't push for immidiate request, but he seemed keen on supporting it sooner if it was a now'ish requirement.

    So much for social interconnectivity Clay.io is doing a way better job. Also they update with small fixes and improvements quickly. I've seen them push out one build only to hear a request the same day. Then followed up with a next day update with the feature added.

    Clay.io seems very keen on building it's community. Also as I'm focused on mobile I prefer a single central for gaming tool which Clay.io does and GameCenter is just IOS.

    "Also, when the ludei demos are working , why not work through C2 ?"

    Actually I'm looking into this today. I want to know clearly why CocoonJS demo's are running 100+ sprites cleanly at 40fps+ cleanly where as C2 tends to bog down(this is hardware dependent on your results). Ludie thinks that there custom canvas interface isn't implemented. Though I thought Ash did so a build or 2 a go, but I'm going to check it out. I'm also going to build a performance test app that is the exact same in C2 and see if there is a performance difference.

  • Ludei don't appear to have any documentation on Game Center. Maybe they've implemented it, but without documentation it's impossible for me to integrate!

    @Ludei can you comment? I see the Social API but the documentation currently states it only supports Facebook.

  • Jay,

    Clay.io has it's own set of issues with some features not even working in CocoonJS , never been able to make it work consistently with iOs and Android check this thread, scirra.com/forum/plugin-clayio-leaderboards-achievements_topic54357_page29.html , still keeping my fingers crossed that they will fix it.

    I am not even worried about the performance when i said ".... Why not in C2 ?" i was basically asking whey the demos with features like "facebook integration" , "Rate the game" , "webView" all works why not it's been integrated through C2 with the CoocoonJS Object.

    @Ashley, i am not even concerned about GameCenter at this point because even their demos are not supporting GameCenter, i am wondering why the existing features implemented by the demos are not implemented in C2 as said above.

    I think u and ludei should establish a formal communication channel because you both are interdependent and will mutually benefit rather than expecting ludei to scan through the forum and reply.

    I had been recently using moc.iedulfug@troppusved email to correspond , they seem to respond pretty well, i think you should try that and i am sure they will be happy to help in any manner.

  • Ashley The current release of CocoonJS doesn't support GC, but we do indeed have an implementation of the GC extension which will be included with the next release. You can take a look at our current source code for the next extensions here

    The Social API (facebook + GC currently) has changed quite a bit too (sorry about that, but the last API was lacking important features), so you might want to take a look at it too

    Hope that helps ;)

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