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Is there a tutorial to build Double Dragon Final Fight game?

  • I love the beginners tutorial of Top Down Shooter and Platforms. They are so detailed. I've searched, but can't seem to find one regarding a Double Dragon Streets of Rage type one. I have the sprites to do so, just would like to have a guide on how to since I'm a complete beginner.

    Anything close to one for Construct?

    For one, I have 2 frame animation to jump, but how do I make him actually jump when button/key is pressed?


  • Unfortunately the guy mentions a part 2 but they never created a part 2 :-/

    Might also want to check these files out. They're examples of 2.5D movement. You can download the capx where it says "download the source".

  • Thank you. It's more to off of.

  • The video was good. It recommends creating an invisible box to put around player for better collision. That I never would have thought of. I will have to pause it constantly to jot notes as the screen is small, and I can't quite make out some of the behaviors/actions he types which looks like they are in " ". Hard to see. Thanks again.

  • Oh, sweet! I clicked the links, and they're some of my games! Here's two more:

    SunglassesGuy Beat'em All by nemezes

    and my newest game, which is actually 3-d! Just use the arrow keys to change the camera angle, and CAPX coming soon! (eh, it does have one or two features that require z-order actions from the paid version, but there's probably a workaround there related to layer number)

  • Thanks. I will look forward to the Capx. I need all the help I can get.

  • calebbennets I absolutely look forward to your capx too!

    stateevolution I would recommend you use the search function and search for combinations of words like "beat em up" "2.5d platformer", "final fight" , "double dragon" and things like that. Search back 10, 20, 30 pages back! You can find tons of awesome topics and capx examples. I found a couple of different interesting capx examples of beat em up type games today. One day I'll make a 2.5d brawler and I'm sure these examples will be great to research.

    edit: calebbennets whoooaaaa! Saw your 3D game and saw the capx. Amazing stuff! Are you planning on making a full game with this?

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  • Sorry, I've mysteriously stopped getting notifications of comments/replies, or I would have replied sooner...

    I think I will. I asked a friend to help me with level design today. He would be new to C2, so I actually spent most of tonight making a free-edition-friendly version of the capx for him to play with. I'll see if I can replace the other capx on the arcade...

  • heyguy

    Thanks. Much appreciated.

  • calebbennetts, thanks to mention my game.. one day I will make some improvements.

    I want to add this tutorial game to heyguy list of templates, this is a Z-ordering to 8 direction beat em up.. it is simple and works fine.

    also, there is this easy way to add jump, but you have to deal how to make many enemies and players to jump

  • I am working on a template of a small beat'em up game, I will publish it as a tutorial game on the scirra arcade. The capx file will be avaiable for download. I am trying to make it with less than 100 events and less than 4 layers.

    just found this amazing tutorial CAPX file on how to make non-overlapping enemies. It is really cool and fits perfect on beat'em up games using 8 direction.

  • just wanna know if group events works on the free version of Construct 2.

    in the template for the beat'em up using 8 direction, I will add touch controls and use this tutorial of stick controllers that uses group events.

  • I think groups are good, but your number of groups counts towards your event limit.

  • I think groups are good, but your number of groups counts towards your event limit.

    global variables also counts on events limits.

    well, even using one group, I got about 96 events on the template. I am still making some tests, then I will publish it on scirra arcade.

    lets see if the people will like the template and use it to start making lots and lots of beat'em up games.

  • I've been trying to find a Capx or look at an event sheet to properly program when player attacks the enemy reacts only when the player's fist or foot comes in to contact. I've seen picture where someone put a small collision box on the fist, but I don't know how to make it pinned to that image point or if it spawns when player punch animation runs. Any clue on how to make it happen?

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