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  • I think its time to have an alternative solution like game closure for exporting to android.Yesterday i made my tests in my phone and the difference between it and cocoon js (running space blaster) was big.

    I fisrt ask you to make your own tests between the 2 methods as i (i post my results at joannesalfa's post (http://www.scirra.com/forum/ive-seen-the-comments-about-c2-and-cocoonjs_topic76530_page8.html)

    so if anyone has results please confirm them here and lets hope Aslhley and the rest of the team think about it and add gameclosure in c2

  • Can you explain what is Game Closure ? The big difference between it and CocoonJS ?

  • Does Game Closure implement a browser engine or just 2d canvas or something inbetween?

  • joshkin if i tell it right for what i understand is a way to export our html5 games to .apk

    make the comparison to see for yourself.for me is way better than cocoonjs.

    for technical stuff guys im not the best in the forum to tell you details.im only an artist.i just yesterday made the comparisson in my armv6 phone (yes very old) and gameclosure was almost smooth. With cocoonjs was (almost..) unplayable. please visit the homepage of gameclosure.

    @joannesalfa gave the idea i just open a thread for users of c2 to post their thoughts and why not to support the idea.

    here is the example of space blaster with gameclosure.


    and the apk after gameclosure's export github.com/bubbleboy14/scblaster

    download it, inside the folder is the apk.try it and make a test between it and cocoonjs.

    all the credits goes to Joannesalfa cause i dint even knew about gameclosure but it seems like an excellent alternative.

  • i paste here the tests i made yesterday.come on guys many of you read the article but noones support the idea of gameclosure export in c2.

    so i made my test and here are the results:

    first of all my phone is vodafone smart 2. 800+ mhz armv6 processor.512 ram and 480*320 display. i have a tablet also but its not worth it to test it there cause its too powerfull even for cocoonjs and gameclossure.maybe i cant see any difference at all.

    so i open in c2 the space blaster capx and i export it twice. one with webgl on and the other with webgl off.both of them with scale inner.cause the layout of the game is higher than my screen display.

    both of cocoonjs exports load the main menu decently and the sound was ok.but when the game began the backround music theme goes off suddenly.the frames were between 2-10 when sprites in the screen were more than 4.the webgl off version was a little better but about 3-5 frames and not more.unplayable for me.

    now lets see gameclossure i download the game from the link Joannesalfa posted before.i run it and at the first time it made me worried cause the main layout dont appear correctly.no letters no tap here for game to begin blah blah blah..but i touch the screen and after 5 seconds i saw the main layout this time almost correct (with bars at the top and at the bottom) and the game begins...

    framerate i cant tell cause i was not able to see like cocoonjs (debug mode) but the game runs almost smoothly.so i imagine that the game runs about 18-25 fps even with many spites in the layout.the mines and all these stuff with massive explosions.the game runs decent and the audio was perfect.the backround music now plays behind the sound effects (not like cocoonjs)

    ps: before i run the games i run clean master and advance task killer just to be sure that no application runs with the games.

    and i noticed that after both cocoonjs games the memory my phone used was between 51-57mb.the gameclossure apk used 39mb.sorry for the huge post..

    RESULT GAMECLOSSURE WINS BY FAR...(at least based at my tests)

  • Let me start that I agree that I think GameClosure should be supported. I feel that the GC team would be more responsive than Ludie. I feel that Scirra and GC team would have better communication possible being able to get C2 running on mobile better than CocoonJS. Although WebGL is a heavyweight in game design as with the accelerated physics.

    As I understand you have only tested with the SpaceBlaster sample put together by Mario? Have you tried putting together your own C2 Games into GameClosure, because I don't think you did.

    First Mario spent a fair amount of time to have to wrap up C2 runtime to get C2 to run with GC system. Numerous hacks were done to trick C2Runtime.js to run with GC. This is at least a benefit that some one did it and C2 developers don't need too.

    Second Audio is another matter. Audio needs to be pre-loaded by manual code writing. Which is the breaking point for most C2 users.

    Third C2 developers need to learn how to use Github in a linux environment. Which includes all sorts learning about ADK, ADT, ANDK, updating these software and persistent export testing.

    For most C2 developers this is too much to handle. I can work with it, but I chose C2 to get away from all of that.

    However there are some good benefits to using GameClosure over CocoonJS that I wish Ashley would consider having a proper port too.

    * game Closure is Open source

    This means that if we need some support element we can actually add it. If some one wanted they could write a WebGL canvas.

    * Game Closure has a better response than Ludie. Not as good as C2, but better than Ludie.

    Honestly it's very frustrating that C2 will adopt Tizen, W8Phone and other small time mobile OS, but still won't support IOS and Android exports. GameClosure is a viable export option that would give an alternative more stable option than Cocoonjs, but is being shot down under the flag of "CocoonJS" is good enough. When it's not. yes it's got the best feature set no arguing, but with terrible updates, breaking features with C2, worst support from the largest group of the 3 mentioned. It's an absurd sick joke that people have so much difficulty with CJS.

    In the end though the mentioned hurdles are very large ones and not so easily over come unless Scirra takes the initiative to support GC. GC made the effort by showing how C2 can work with GC and created a js bridge. It's now in Scirra court if they are interested.

  • jayderyu no i try to follow the steps but i lost the road somewhere in Git gui.Maybe a video tutorial would be very helpfull.

    the think is as you said that if one man convert html5 spaceblaster to an apk why not to scirra and gameclosure work together and make an exporter for us.is open source and i see a lot professionalism which ludei and im sorry about that didnt show...the bitter truth sorry.

    even as you said mario took his time to convert the game ludei about a year ago dont bother to do this and still now the game is unplayable.

    i think that gc has potential.so lets see what Ashley thinks about it.Android and Ios are the black sheeps of c2 till now.Hope that this will change

  • Honestly it's very frustrating that C2 will adopt Tizen, W8Phone and other small time mobile OS, but still won't support IOS and Android exports


    Relying on a slow and unresponsive 4th party is a PITA...

    GameClosure is a viable export option...

    ... It's now in Scirra court if they are interested.

    This is beggining to sound interesting, does anyone know if they are in talks??

    @Ashley ??

  • > Honestly it's very frustrating that C2 will adopt Tizen, W8Phone and other small time mobile OS, but still won't support IOS and Android exports


    Relying on a slow and unresponsive 4th party is a PITA...

    > GameClosure is a viable export option...

    > ... It's now in Scirra court if they are interested.

    This is beggining to sound interesting, does anyone know if they are in talks??

    Ashley ??

    yeah. I'm mostly bothered by Ludie's lack of community involvement. Even Ashley has mentioned in the other thread that there communication with Ludie isn't that good. I just want to know how a team of 15 to 20, and 1.5 million in funding can be so terrible at support. Personally I think it's a team of 2, and the others are friends to boost the numbers to seem like a full team. There forums are also the worst I have ever used. 1 thread for all questions and answers. Really?

    No there are no talks as anyone knows. Ashley said he isn't interested in supporting any other wrapper. However, as mentioned above his own frustrations are starting to mount. So maybe, who knows. Personally I think if Scirra talked to GC team and asked to have the layout loader functions implemented. I bet they would. GC team seems to come out with more incremental updates a lot more often. Including game features like Adventer maps and other such tools.

    I realy feel that C2 and GC would make a re far better match. It's just that GC doesn't sound like they will be supporting full WebGl anytime soon.


    But then a month later they released this which is a GC test of WebGL. So you never know.


    and on a final note. GC aren't as good as Scirra for keeping touch with the community, but they are miles above Ludie.

  • There are 2 advantages using Game Closure against CocconJS:

    1-You can locally compile .apk or .ipa on your computer (mac) with SDKs instead of Cloud compiler. (It looks hard but easy to learn.)

    2-No forced splashscreen as "Ludei, powered by CocconJS" GameClosure uses MPL license.

    There are some disadvantages, you need use DevKit to install plugins using command lines to integrate in following plugins:




    -Local Notifications

    -OUYA controller

    Some functions need new plugins for C2 to access these functions.

    Also GC offers Ads and Analytics such as: Leadbolt, Google Analytics, MoPub, etc. Everything is Javascript.

  • i like to see this happen! official GC export & plugins!

  • Game Closure looks perspectively ! In any case, I think there is no companies worse than Ludei

  • Game Closure looks perspectively ! In any case, I think there is no companies worse than Ludei

    Ludei has done a lot to improve support for construct 2, and while cocoonjs does still have some significant issues that need addressing, they are continuing to improve their service. I agree they could do more on the communication front and have better forums and such, but calling them the worst company in the world is unnecessarily insulting.

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  • Arima sorry to say that but ok i agree that is not proper to call ludei the worst company but as a moderator would you like to share your thoughts about game clossure?

    Ive noticed that Ashley comment in a lot of posts today but didnt post something here.

    This is maybe not so good for the idea of game clossure in c2 or like some said silence is gold (fingers crossed!!)

  • spy84

    I don't have any opinion of it yet, as I haven't researched it enough to formulate one.

    I wouldn't read into Ashley's silence on the topic - no comment literally means no comment.

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